Complete Guide To Upgrading The AAP-01


CTM Tac got a lot of upgrade parts for different types airsoft guns, especially gas blowback pistols. In this video, they show the various upgrades you can get from them if you are an owner of the much well received Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. The AAP-01 is perhaps the most customised GBB pistol after the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa series.

CTM AAP-01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper ASMR


For those seeking a relaxing video session while still indulging in their hobby, watching an airsoft ASMR video can be a great option. One such ASMR episode by CTM Tac features the unboxing and showcasing of their AAP01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper which probably is already giving you some thoughts on what it is trying to convey.

AAP-01 3D Printed Conversion Kit For Night Games


MordorCzech - Airsoft does a test on his conversion kit for the Action Army Assassin AAP-01 GBB Pistol that was customised for night games. This custom AAP-01 GBB is equipped with a 300mm 6.03mm inner barrel, flamingo hop-up rubber and has a power of 1.5joules using 0.25g BBs. Check the video out for more.

Action Army AAP-01C & AAP-01 Compared


Gae Bong Soon does a comparison of the popular Action Army gas blowback pistol pistols, the AAP-01 and AAP-01C gas blowback pistols. The AAP-01, which is based on the Ruger MKIV, is available in black or dark earth colors and is made of polymer except for the aluminum bolt, bolt release, and frame pins.

Moorlander Tactical's Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Mod


Moorlander Tactical shows what he calls to be the best Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol Mod in this video... "The Action Army AAP-01 has become incredibly popular and also loved by the airsoft modding community. This is hands down one of the easiest and my favourite mods. Swapping out the outer barrel with a suppressor adapter and longer suppressor."

Is The Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol Worth It?


Probably the most famous airsoft GBB pistol in recent years due to myriad ways of customising it, Tactical Chicano talks about the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol if it is really worth buying it in this video. The Action Army AAP-01 is a green gas-powered pistol with a polymer frame and a threaded outer barrel. It is similar to the Ruger MK4 and features a fair amount of felt recoil and snappy cycling. The AAP-01 is also semi-automatic and full-automatic, making it a versatile and fun gun to shoot.

DIY Beam Magnum Using AAP-01 As The Base Gun


We have seen kits that allow you to convert your Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol into the weapons seen in the Gundam series. In this video PlaSSo shows how he made his own Gundam Beam Magnum using 3D Printing to build a kit for the AAP-01. The Beam Magnum is a powerful handheld gun used by the RX-0 series mobile suits. It fires beams that are hotter than the sun and can destroy a mobile armor with one shot.

AAP-01 Nozzle Spring Misfeed Fix With Hadron AAP-01 Short Stroke Bouncer Kit


Angry Bull uses the Hadron AAP-01 Short stroke bouncer kit to fix the misfeed issues with the GBB pistol. The AAP-01 Short stroke kit, or the “Bouncer”, is a set of parts that improves the feeding consistency and reduces the shock of the bolt. It comes with a Hadron Designs specific 300% upgraded spring, which works well with most buckings, and a shortstroke segment made of a bouncy material that absorbs and rebounds the bolt impact.

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