CTM AAP-01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper ASMR


CTM AAP01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper ASMR

For those seeking a relaxing video session while still indulging in their hobby, watching an airsoft ASMR video can be a great option. One such ASMR episode by CTM Tac features the unboxing and showcasing of their AAP01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper which probably is already giving you some thoughts on what it is trying to convey.

The video takes viewers through the opening of the package, revealing the FUKU-2 CNC UPPER in a skeleton electroplating style, along with its compensator. The installation of the hop-up unit and the AAP-01 7075 Advanced Bolt Lite in a chameleon color is also demonstrated. The video further includes the installation of fiber optics, the FUKU-2 Nylon Frame, and the AAP-01/C / WE CNC Alu Electroplated Adjustable Trigger. It also shows the AAP-01 Stainless Steel Pin Set, the AAP-01/C Stainless Steel Hammer Set + Fire Pin Lock, and the Fuku-2 Frame CNC Aluminum Accessories. The AAP-01/C CNC Magwell in a chameleon color, which is an all-in-one component, and the FUKU-2 CNC Electroplated Magazine Floor Base Plate for WE Glock / AAP-01/C are also featured. The video concludes with the installation of the optic and a final showcase of the assembled product.

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