Complete Guide To Upgrading The AAP-01


CTM Tac got a lot of upgrade parts for different types airsoft guns, especially gas blowback pistols. In this video, they show the various upgrades you can get from them if you are an owner of the much well received Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. The AAP-01 is perhaps the most customised GBB pistol after the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa series.

CTM AAP-01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper ASMR


For those seeking a relaxing video session while still indulging in their hobby, watching an airsoft ASMR video can be a great option. One such ASMR episode by CTM Tac features the unboxing and showcasing of their AAP01 FUKU-2 Skeleton Upper which probably is already giving you some thoughts on what it is trying to convey.

CTM Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter


A quick presentation by CTM on their Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter for those who need more capacity for their Hi-Capa pistols. With this adapter, you can use High-Pressure Air (HPA) and M4 AEG magazines on your Hicapa airsoft pistols. You will also need an M4 AEG magazine, a paintball air tank with a low-pressure regulator (0-140 psi), and a HPA line with Foster quick disconnect.

MOA 2023: CTM Tac


Sharing the booth with Centurions Option and Robinhood Tactical at the MOA Exhibition 2023 is CTM Tac which is based in Zhubei City in Taiwan. The company makes various upgrade parts for popular airsoft pistols such as the Hi-Capa, Glock and AAP-01 Series. They also develop handgun holsters, HPA adapters, and also have released the Split Slide for the Hi-Capa series. Watch the video to find out more.

CTM AP7-SUB For AAP-01 Conversion Kit Installation


Little Turtle does a step-by-step installation of the CTM AP7-SUB replica SMG KIT for the Action Army AAP-01. This kit enables one to convert the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback Pistol into MP7 GBB... "The AP7-SUB kit released by CTM this time, I personally really feel so good that you can get the price of the MP7 submachine gun without a lot of pain in terms of cost."

Installing The CTM AP7-SUB SMG Kit For The AAP-01 GBB Pistol


Video from CTM TAC showing how you can install the CTM AP7-SUB on your AAP-01. This is a CCK so you can have a stable platform with the Action Army AAP-01 GBB pistol. The resulting look is an HK MP7-style SMG which makes it an attractive CCK for owners of the AAP-01. This costs US$116.35 with option parts such as holster and frame grip.

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