Golgy With The Army Armament R601 TTI Pit Viper


Golgy With The Army Armament R601 TTI Pit Viper

Golgy A Sunday Gamer gets his turn to take a look at the Pit Viper GBB Pistol from Army Armament. This licensed model has a CNC manufactured slide and compensator made of aluminium, with a secured outer barrel to avoid wobbling. The handle is made of nylon-reinforced plastic and has stippling for safe handling. It also features a 21mm rail for accessories, adjustable rear sight, front sight with light collector, and an 11mm CW thread for silencers or Tracer. The internals are made of steel and the functionality and disassembly are identical to the real model. It has very good shooting characteristics, high gas yield, and a considerable weight of 1100g like the original. It also includes a tactical magwell, trigger and hammer, extended slide catch, and a 6.03mm tuning barrel. The trigger is already set upon delivery and there is a mounting for Reddots.

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