L'Antre Du Dingo's EMG/AWC TTI Pit Viper Review


Another TTI Pit Viper reviewed by L'Antre Du Dingo and he covers the version from EMG/AW Custom. The EMG TTI John Wick 4 PIT VIPER GBB Pistol is a fully licensed replica of the pistol used in the movie "John Wick 4". It features enlarged control surfaces for faster access and ambidextrous safeties, making it ideal for speed and competition shooting. It also has an extended magazine release for quick reloads. The pistol is said to have ergonomics and handling, thanks to the high-quality stippling on the grips.

Baton Airsoft BT Pit Viper CO2GBB Pistol


Mokei Paddock shows the new blowback pistol from Baton Airsoft, the BT Pit Viper CO2GBB Pistol expected to be released this month. The BATON Airsoft’s CO2 gas gun BT-PIT VIPER is modeled after the gun used by the main character in JW4, with almost all exterior parts newly designed. It reproduces the full custom and comes standard with the newly developed 2011 CO2 magazine Type-NTL, which improves its actual firing performance.

Golgy With The Army Armament R601 TTI Pit Viper


Golgy A Sunday Gamer gets his turn to take a look at the Pit Viper GBB Pistol from Army Armament. This licensed model has a CNC manufactured slide and compensator made of aluminium, with a secured outer barrel to avoid wobbling. The handle is made of nylon-reinforced plastic and has stippling for safe handling. It also features a 21mm rail for accessories, adjustable rear sight, front sight with light collector, and an 11mm CW thread for silencers or Tracer.

Mach Sakai: Double Bell John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai tries the Double Bell John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol if it is a good pistol for better accuracy and performance for a secondary. The Double Bell TTI "Pit Viper" Hi Capa 5.1” Green Gas Blowback Pistol is a CNC Alloy constructed pistol with a sleek and aggressive design that can be used for Tactical and IPSC Competition gameplay.

FPR John Wick 4 Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Revanchist Airsoft got a FPR John Wick 4 Pit Viper GBB Pistol loaner for him to do a review... "This time, Bang Bang Airsoft specially loaned out the JohnWick 4 Pit Viper produced by FPR. Let’s take a product shot on the left and a super brief unboxing. If you are interested, remember to go to BangBang Airsoft for a lesson. The production quantity of FPR is not large, and it is for collection Home worth a try!"

Baton Airsoft BT-PIT VIPER CO2 GBB


Baton Airsoft got its own Pit Viper CO2 Blowback Pistol that Target-1 gets to review in this video and it is a very expensive airsoft pistol. We hope we translated it properly. This is a review of the BATON AIRSOFT new product CO2 gas blowback gun [BT-PIT VIPER] scheduled to be released in July 2023. Based on the high-capacity format, it is equipped with a 4.3 size slide, compensator, and other custom parts, and is a luxury item for about US$7,000 (about 980,000 yen at the current yen exchange rate!).

Tactical Expedition On The JAG John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Well, it has become a favourite. Tactical Expedition explains why... "Sorry. It's an awesome Airsoft TTI Pit Viper. It almost feels like a real firearm and I bought it to practice shooting at home. I didn't like just dry firing into a blank wall without feeling any recoil so I bought my first Airsoft. This was so hard to find and I bought the very last one for sale in the world."

ARMY TTI Licensed JW4 Pit Viper GBB Zero-Cost Mod


Revanchist Airsoft shows how to modify the ARMY TTI Licensed JW4 Pit Viper Hi-Capa GBB Pistol at zero cost in this video... "If you have time, this time, I will modify the ARMY PIT VIPER with everyone at zero cost. Well, a lot of people bought it and said that the trigger buckle is too hard. This time, KMW gave advice to do a small modification. I hope it is worth your time."

Clyde Santos Tries The EMG TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Philippine-based competitive shooter Clyde Santos gets his hands on the EMG TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol, aka the John Wick 4 Pistol and gives his take on it. This licensed replica has fast and easy controls and a quick magazine release. This is made by Armorer Works for EMG, different from the Jag Precision version made by Army Armament.

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