FE/Army Armament R601 HPA GBB Pistol


Frog Engineering got an HPA-powered gas blowback pistol to show to you. The Army Armamanent R601 TTI is a realistic replica pistol made mostly of metal with a green gas blowback system that simulates firing for a lifelike experience. This Army Armament airsoft gun features improved grip texture, sights, safety levers, and a Picatinny rail for customization, all while offering good performance with an adjustable hop-up and a magazine capacity of 28 rounds.

Army Armament R504 STI 2011 Costa Ludus GBB At Toy Kit Blasters


Toy Kit Blasters present the Army Armament R504 STI 2011 Costa Ludus GBB that they have available in the Philippines. The R504 airsoft pistol boasts a full-metal build, green gas power, and realistic features like blowback and fiber sights. This replica packs a punch with its 28-round magazine and adjustable hop-up, while upgrades like ambidextrous controls and Picatinny rails enhance user experience and customization options.

Army Armament R613 Staccato XL Upgrades


Gun Blue48 shows what he did to the Army Armament R613 Staccato XL... "I recently purchased the Army Armament R613 Staccato XL and noticed that the hop gasket was bent, which concerned me. Consequently, I attempted to replace the chamber and gasket. The parts used in this process included the GUARDER Hi-Capa Enhanced Chamber Set and Miyagawa Rubber's long silicone 50°. These parts are typically used in model guns, gas guns, and airsoft guns."

Army R604 STI DVC GBB Unboxing


Tactical Ashi Garami T.V. does an unboxing of the Staccato look-alike, the Army R604 STI DVC GBB. The Hi-capa model is characterized by a distinctive textured grip that aids in maintaining control, and a style that is out of this world, suitable for the fastest operators. The gun is equipped with suppressor height rear and front fiber optic tracker sights on the carry compensator, which assist in faster target acquisition and contribute to its aggressive look.

Army Armament Hi-Capa Pistols R501 & R603 At Airsoft Master


Airsoft Master says that the R501 and R603 Hi-Capa Pistols from Army Armament give the most bang for the buck... "Army Armament R501 & R603 Staccato 2011 look a like? Gas Blowback Pistols are Full Metal and have every type of feature you would need as your secondary.

Woodland Warriors NL On The Army Armament R17 GBB Pistol


Woodland Warriors NL reviews Army Armament R17 GBB Pistol but this is the Begadi special version. The slide, CNC machined to Begadi's specifications, comes with a mount for RedDots. The solid polymer handle features hand-made stippling. It includes a Begadi CNC manufactured and ventilated piston head made of aluminum with two O-rings, pre-assembled for medium strong green gas such as ProTech (5 – 25°C), and a separate hard one for strong gas or high outside temperatures (25°C+).

Golgy With The Army Armament R601 TTI Pit Viper


Golgy A Sunday Gamer gets his turn to take a look at the Pit Viper GBB Pistol from Army Armament. This licensed model has a CNC manufactured slide and compensator made of aluminium, with a secured outer barrel to avoid wobbling. The handle is made of nylon-reinforced plastic and has stippling for safe handling. It also features a 21mm rail for accessories, adjustable rear sight, front sight with light collector, and an 11mm CW thread for silencers or Tracer.

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