Geonox Airsoft: Jing Gong PM5 SD5 AEG


Geonox Airsoft: Jing Gong PM5 SD5 AEG

In case you get confused with the PM5 SD5 name, it's probably just to avoid some IP issues with this airsoft replica of the MP5 SD5 by Jing Gong. Geonox Airsoft got one for a full review... "In this video we take a look at Jing Gong's PM5. This is an Airsoft in MP5 design. This variant is the full metal variant for 198 EUR. But there is still the much cheaper plastic version for 139 EUR. Can do the same thing only different body. I'm a big fan of the MP5 design and of course it's different from the constant M4. Here you get something sturdy, compact with a fat silencer and a rubberized handguard that is very comfortable to grip.

Many thanks to Sniper Airsoft Supply, who made the Airsoft available to me."

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