Geonox Airsoft: Jing Gong PM5 SD5 AEG


In case you get confused with the PM5 SD5 name, it's probably just to avoid some IP issues with this airsoft replica of the MP5 SD5 by Jing Gong. Geonox Airsoft got one for a full review... "In this video we take a look at Jing Gong's PM5. This is an Airsoft in MP5 design. This variant is the full metal variant for 198 EUR. But there is still the much cheaper plastic version for 139 EUR. Can do the same thing only different body.

Comparison OF CYMA & Jing Gong MP5 AEGs


CSRD Airsoft review does a comparison of MP5 AEGs from CYMA and Jing Gong to help airsoft players in choosing which to pick... " Hi everyone, I hope you are well, today we meet for episode 4 of the MP5 series with the comparison of the MP5 CYMA (cm.041J) and the MP5 JING GONG (JG069 M5-J)."

Elite Force Avalon MP5 Elite Review


Fox Airsoft give their take on the Elite Force Avalon MP5 Elite AEG which is of course has VFC as OEM for this... "The Elite lineup of MP5's from Elite Force are licensed airsoft replicas of the famous H&K MP5 series. These are metal pro-line AEG versions of the MP5 and feature a very solid metal construction matched with a highly tuned gearbox.

Reapers Airsoft: CYMA MP5 CM.041G Platinum


A comprehensive review of the MP5 CM.041G Platinum AEG by Reapers Airsoft and it's over 90 minutes long... "Hi folks, in this video we take a look at the new MP5 Platinum from Cyma. Like the CM.097 and CM.098 (also Begadi NOVA, MOD25) this Softair / Airsoft already has new internals. We find a spring quick-change system, 13: 1 gears with 12Z short stroke, high torque motor and a revised cylinder - piston set. This model was loaned to me by Shop-Gun for this video.

Tokyo Marui MP5 Electric Gun Series Style Check


Hyperdouraku checks out the various MP5 AEGs produced by Tokyo Marui including the newly released MP5A5 NGRS. This video was taken at the Tokyo Sabage Park... "Check the style by comparing various types of Tokyo Marui MP5 electric gun series.

A lot of reviews of the MP5 series, installation examples of various dot sights, custom cases, rechecking the 40m bullet collection performance of the next generation MP5A5, etc.!"

MP5 With Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gameplay


ATA Airsoft brings out his airsoft MP5 equipped with the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA engine to play... "Trying out my new MP5 with Wolverine Inferno v3. Out ranges most snipers on the field, lightweight, very accurate and of course we all love MP5s!! Running 1.7 joules at 100 PSI with 0.43 BB's."

TFB: Full Auto MP5 vs. Plastic Body Armor


How will the bulletproof Survivor-1 backpacks from Ballistipax fare when it gets shot with an MP5 in full auto? Watch this video from The Firearm Blog... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at West Orlando Firearms Training with Heckler & Koch for a reveal of their new pistol. Bulletproof backpack manufacturer Ballistipax was also attending the event and had a few of their Survivor-1 backpacks for demo.

AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series: MP5 HPA


Airsoftjunkiez show their Custom Expert Series: MP5 HPAs built on the VFC MP5A5 and MP5A4. They have been upgraded with either the Midwest Industries or BCM M-Lok Handguards, a tracer unit or a suppressor, a 6.01mm PDI inner barrel, flat hop, and use the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion engine... "Airsoftjunkiez custom Expert Series HPA MP5. Fully upgraded with externals included."

Tokyo Marui MP5K With GATE TITAN


Ⅱ.Warrior Airsoft goes to the Desert Union game field to play with Tokyo Marui MP5K AEG equipped with a GATE Titan... "This time I participated in the Desert Union with my friends. Since we have newly introduced MP5K (TITAN electronic trigger) as a toy, it also serves as a test run there. It will be the main video of the flag game after a long time, but please enjoy it till the end!"

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