G&G MP5 AEGs With Metal Receivers


G&G Armament has a range of MP5-style AEGs that has been available for years now. In this video, Red Army Airsoft shows the various variants the Taiwan-based airsoft company has produced and available at most reputable airsoft retailers... "Overview of the G&G MP5 Airsoft AEG range: TGM A3 PDW [ETU], TGM A3 [ETU], TGM A2 [ETU], and TGM A3 RTS [ETU]."

HK MP5SD6/MP5SD5 AEG Elite Version At Airsoft Atlanta


Made by CYMA for Umarex is the HK MP5SD6/MP5SD5 AEG Elite Version in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "HK MP5SD6 / MP5SD5 AEG - Elite Version Airsoft Rifle. This is a full metal heavy high quality airsoft gun. The all new MP5 elite is not the VFC type, but a high quality version from Cyma that is very solid. Kit comes with optics rail on top plus the A5 retractable rear stock (SD6 style) and the A4 style full stock (SD5 style).

Custom MP5 "2077" AEG


AirsoftNext shows his custom MP5 "2077" which he combined the CYMA CM.041G + CM.041 SD6 MP5-style AEGs... " Swapped Cyma SD6 Upper with an CM.041G lower and slapped LPVO scope to get '2077'look.

AVA Hi-Capa To MP5 HPA Adapter Available


If you want to use an MP5 magazine instead an M4 one with your HPA-powered Hi-Capa airsoft pistol, you're in luck, an adapter is available from AVA Airsoft... "We are happy to announce that the adaptor is now on sale. Working pressure up to 150 psi & slim design to fit with all hi-capa magwells on the market.

The MP5 Basics By Fox Airsoft


The Heckler & Koch MP5s are still popular airsoft guns for players as there is a revival in using airsoft versions of the iconic SMG. However, Fox Airsoft got some reminders for those who own or are planning to own one of the variants... "Here's some things you need to know as a prospective airsoft MP5 owner:

Geonox Airsoft: Jing Gong PM5 SD5 AEG


In case you get confused with the PM5 SD5 name, it's probably just to avoid some IP issues with this airsoft replica of the MP5 SD5 by Jing Gong. Geonox Airsoft got one for a full review... "In this video we take a look at Jing Gong's PM5. This is an Airsoft in MP5 design. This variant is the full metal variant for 198 EUR. But there is still the much cheaper plastic version for 139 EUR. Can do the same thing only different body.

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