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Elite Force Avalon MP5 Gameplay

Unicorn Leah gets the privilege to be one of the first to try the Elite Force Avalon HK MP5 AEG. This AEG will be released next year... "Airsoft gameplay giving you a first look at the NEW MP5 from Elite Force with Avalon internals! Unicorn Leah hits the CQB field at Extreme Airsoft to put the new Elite Force HK MP5 to the ultimate rigor test: speedsoft! Stay tuned till the end for an epic airsoft girl killstreak. This MP5 will be available in 2019."

TM MP5 Kurz NEO Silencer Attachment

Laylax shows you how to install the First Factory Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz SAS Silencer Attachment NEO. This allows you to install a suppressor that requires a 14mm CCW thread. This will fit the Tokyo Marui MP5KA4 AEG and the Tokyo Marui Gun MP5KA4 AEG but not the  Tokyo Marui High Cycle Custom MP5K AEG.

TFB: PTR Industries 9CT Review

Most of us in airsoft think that cloning only happens in the airsosft industry. It does happen in the firearms industry as well. Watch The Firearm Blog review a US-made MP5 clone, the PTR Industries 9CT... "In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the new PTR CT9 roller-locking pistol with an SB Tactical Brace. This is a high-quality, US Made MP5-style carbine that costs less than an HK MP5 parts kit.

SHOT Show 2018: PTR Industries MP5 Clone

More on real firearms at the SHOT Show 2018 and Down Range Daily show us an MP5 clone from PTR Industries... "PTR Industries brought their products to SHOT Show 2018. We saw their new MP5 lookalike, and thought we check it out up close. This is it, and it looks like it might be a bit cheaper than the competition. What do you think?"

TFB: 5 Ways MP5 & MPX Kinda Suck

Last part of the series comparing both compact firearms from the The Firearm Blog... "This is the third of a three part series where we discuss why the H&K MP5 is better than the SIG MPX, how the MPX is better than the MP5, and finally, today we talk about how the MP5 and the MPX BOTH kinda suck.

Elite Force MP5s At Airsoft Atlanta

We're seeing the beloved MP5 airsoft AEGs now coming back and Airsoft Atlanta announce that they have models from Elite Force to choose from... "New Elite Force Airsoft MP5 A5 and SD6 models in stock! Available at our Atlanta store or online and ships Monday guaranteed. $154.99. See our new products page for details and information."

Bolt Airsoft At MOA Exhibition 2017

Here are two interesting items from BOLT Airsoft that were on display during the MOA Exhibition 2017. Wilson Hsu presents the BOLT AirsofT SWAT SD Series which are the first MP5-style airsoft SMGs with blowback and recoil features as well as their upcoming AK BRSS project. The event took place in New Taipei City last 1-3 December 2017.

5 Reasons Why MP5 Is Better Than MCX

The Firearm Blog lays the case why the MP5 is better than MCX in this TFB TV episode... "In episode two of a three part series for TFBTV, James shows TFB readers and viewers his H&K MP5 and SIG MPX and compares each to the other. Both of these pistol caliber carbines are configured in short-barrel-rifle format. Both of them are 9mm. Both of them have roots with respected manufacturers.

ASTKilo23: Updates & Current Airsoft Projects

We get to hear from ASTKilo23 as he works new airsoft projects, especially with more MP5s as he juggles his hobby with school... "Here's an update on everything going on. New projects, keeping up with Airsoft, and the common struggle of school."

Extreme Airsoft: Elite Force MP5 Series

It's time to hear about the Elite Force MP5 series in this video done by Extreme Airsoft... "Hello everyone, today we are going to be throwing back to the Elite Force MP5 Series. These submachine guns pack a punch and are great for any CQB environment. Tell us what you think below and we hope you enjoy the video!!!"