Installing The First Factory MP5 Picatinny Stock Base


Laylax shows how to install the First Factory MP5 Picatinny Stock Base made for the Tokyo Marui MP5 NGRS series... "It is a stock base with a picatinny rail of Tokyo Marui next generation MP5 A5. By installing this product, you can install our company's 'Railstock Pipe Adapter Light' and 'Folding Railstock'. The stock position can be adjusted to any position on the Picatinny rail, allowing you to customize your style.

Attaching A Grenade Launcher To An MP5 Is Not Crazy


Royal Armouries got firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson to talk about attaching a grenade launcer to the beloved Heckler & Koch MP5 SMG in this video... "Attaching a highly explosive attachment to a short range weapon may at first glance seem like a recipe for disaster.

VFC MP5 GBB V2 MP5A3 FBI HRT Configuration


Tales of Gear continues with the various configurations of the VFC MP5 Gas Blowback SMG with the MP5A3 configuration used by the FBI HRT... "Follow-up video on the MP5A3. A simple swap of the handguard with a custom made one makes all the difference. Even better when there are of such an setup in use."

Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz Stock Custom


Commander Daimon shows his Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz Stock Custom. This AEG uses the Tokyo Marui MP5K High Cycle Custom, a pistolised version of the MP5K and has a high rate of fire that makes it a very CQB took. The stock he added for a more stable shooting plaform is the B&T folding stock for Classic Army MP5.

CYMA MP5 V2 Gearbox Removal Guide


Tech session with Fulcrum as he shows how to remove the gearbox of a CYMA MP5 AEG, with the CM041J AEG as the MP5 model as shown in the video... "In this #arsoft guide I will be demonstrating how to remove the Version 2 airsoft gearbox from the CYMA CM041J Airsoft MP5 AEG, although this #airsofttutorial should work with the majority of airsoft MP5 AEGs.

Elite Force H&K MP5 A4/A5 Competition Kit Review


Another the combo MP5 package from Elite Force, the H&K MP5 A4/A5 Competition Kit, gets reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer... "This is a replica of THE MOST popular submachine in the world, the Elite Force Umarex H&K MP5 A4/A5 AEG Competition Kit. This airsoft aeg kit gives you both the A5 PDW stock, as well as the fixed A4 stock."

G&G MP5 AEGs With Metal Receivers


G&G Armament has a range of MP5-style AEGs that has been available for years now. In this video, Red Army Airsoft shows the various variants the Taiwan-based airsoft company has produced and available at most reputable airsoft retailers... "Overview of the G&G MP5 Airsoft AEG range: TGM A3 PDW [ETU], TGM A3 [ETU], TGM A2 [ETU], and TGM A3 RTS [ETU]."

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