Polenar Tactical: Is The MP5 Still A Viable SMG?


Perhaps the most iconic SMG, the MP5 saw widespread adoption in many forces around the world, but is still a viable SMG given new 9mm firearms in the market. Polenar Tactical talks about the MP5 in this video... "H&K MP5 is probably one of the best submachineguns ever made. The iconic design with reliable roller delayed blowback operating system is not just viable but still in use today and will probably be for many decades to come.

VFC MP5 GBB Cold Weather Test


Cold weather conditions are the bane of gas powered airsoft guns, will the VFC MP5 GBB be able to perform acceptably? Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft tests it in this video... "MP5 vs THE COLD. Putting this little ripper through it's paces in the "extreme" cold. Sub zero temperatures and frozen magazines are enough to put any GBBR out of action. This little guy has a reputation of being the best gas submachinegun on the market. How well does it stack up to the elements?"



Ice K does a show and tell of his HPA setup with the VFC MP5 Gas Blowback SMG which will allow him to maintain shooting performance in cold weather conditions. He uses a double HPA magazine and a high cap magazine so he gets to last longer shooting before having to insert a fresh one.

Bolt Airsoft MP5 BRSS Gameplay


T91 Tactical Airsoft got to try the Bolt Airsoft MP5 AEG with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS) for the first time and here is what he says... "Welcome to another world, this is my first time with a EBBR replica and this is just sick!

Sensation are really nice and build quality is good mad by Bolt!"

Did VFC Make The Best MP5 GBB SMG?


What do you think? Well, many of you have been waiting for a Marui version but it seems the Japanese airsoft company is content with the NGRS series for now. Watch Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft shares what he thinks in this video... "'Tis the season to Die Hard, nearly. Here's my two cents on the MP5 GBB V2 from VFC. In short...it F***s."

The Firearm Blog: H&K MP5 vs. B&T APC-9


The Firearm Blog TV does a comparison of two popular compact firearms, the H&K MP5 and the B&T APC-9... "Two of the best pistol caliber carbines in the game: The LEGENDARY Heckler & Koch MP5 faces off today against the B&T APC-9. The H&K MP5 has been the gold standard for PCCs or SMGs for nearly 60 years, while the B&T APC-9 is newer, having been invented by the Swiss group Brugger & Thomet in 2011.

Begadi MPAX CNC Hop-Up For CYMA MP5


REAPERs Airsoft checks out the Begadi MPAX CNC Hop-Up For CYMA MP5 in this comprehensive review. The mpaX unit is completely CNC manufactured and works in the so-called TDC system, in which the inserted tensioner is moved onto the HopUp rubber via a guide.This creates a constant and evenly distributed pressure on the rubber patch. Commercially available AEG rubbers can still be used. They recommend combining it with our Begadi PRO HopUp rubbers (FLY5, SHP5 or MAG5, MHP5).

Airsoft Chay's WE Apache MP5 GBB Review


The Apache GBB series from WE Airsoft are back in the spotlight and Airsoft Chay reviews one. Modelled on the H&K MP5, this SMG is a near-perfect replica with an all-metal receiver and numerous steel parts, contributing to its realistic weight of 3.2 Kg and enhancing recoil. It features an open bolt GBB system, a fiber-reinforced polymer body and stock, and a suppressed style front end. The functional cocking handle mimics realistic bolt recoil movements, and the fire selector is ambidextrous.

Snowy Airsoft: Classic Army MP5 AEG


Snowy Airsoft takes a look a Classic Army MP5 AEG which was a workhorse for CQB games during the aughts of the 21st Century. Is it still worth the money these days? Watch the video... "In this video, we take a closer look at the Classic Army MP5 airsoft RIF and evaluate whether it's worth the investment.

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