JG M16A4 High Speed SSG Build Overview


Mr. Airsoft shows how he put together this JG M16A4 High Speed SSG... "This video is an in-depth breakdown of my "cheapo" M16A4 high speed SSG build. I apologize if the audio at the end of the video turns out to be messed up (thanks Microsoft). If it is, I will upload a follow-up video of just that section, which should hopefully work without any issues.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks for watching."

Jing Gong JG098 T3-K3 Internal Review


Pheas Airsoft dives into the insides of the Jing Hong JG098 T3-K3 AEG, or its G3 airsoft replica, and takes a look at the internals... "In this video I am looking at the internals of the Jing Gong JG098 T3-K3. I was fairly impressed by the solidness of them but got frustrated trying to get it back together again! But as is now the norm I have done the full disassembly and reassembly for you guys!"

Taitus Airsoft: JG 1911 GBB Pistol


Whenever Jing Gong is mentioned, we usually think in terms of AEGs, but they also produce their gas blowbacks. In this video, Taitus Airsoft does a very quick overview of the JG 1911 BB Pistol which is a full metal 1911 GBB. It has a magazine capacity of 26 BBs and shootsaround 289-300fps.

JG Star Dragon/IkaZuchi Type-0 AEG Overview


When the Star Dragon/IkaZuchi Type-0 AEG was first released over a decade ago, everybody was caught by surprise by this move by Jing Gong which basically just does clones of Tokyo Marui AEGs. It does have its following and even some team mates of ours got theirs as part of their collection. It has a version 2 gearbox and uses the usual Marui-compatible M4 AGE magazines. Airsoft Mike got one for this unboxing and overview video.

ASTKilo23: JG T3A4 Airsoft AEG Review


Jing Gong got an airsoft version fo the G3A4 in the form of the JG T3A4 that ASTKilo23 was able to acquire for this video review... "This is an Airsoft gun you do not see very often. I purchased it from East Coast Airsoft, a shop in the Eastern US with great customer service. I review this gun quite critically. See if it's right for you."

Jing Gong Package Deals From Land Warrior Airsoft


Check out these Jing Gong Package Deals being offered by Land Warrior Airsoft that can get you start playing immediately, especially when Covid-19 lockdown gets lifted... "Here at Land Warrior we're diving head first into the new year with some Bundle Package Deals, perfect for those who are looking to either start airsoft, or just if you fancy a new rifle with some extras!

Tanie Militaria: JG MAC-10 SMG AEG


A clone of the Tokyo Marui MAC-10, the JG MAC-10 AEG is available at Tanie Militaria... "A replica of a submachine gun made of high quality ABS material. The replica's body is made of plastic, while the folding stock, barrel, suspension handle and magazine are made of metal .

JG BAR 10 Double Feeding Troubleshooting Tips


Are you experience double feeding with your Jing Gong BAR 10 airsoft sniper rifle? United Richmond Airsoft got this video to help you fix the problem... "I had some issues with my latest BAR 10 build with double feeding. After several days I finally figured it out. Hope this helps you guys troubleshoot."

Airsoft Mike's JG AKS-74U EBB Unboxing


Airsoft Mike unboxes an electric blowback AEG from Jing Gong the AKS-74U. The AKS-74U is one of the handiest AK airsoft AGEs in the market and this JG version probably will be as handy as well... "Today I dig into one of my long-awaited unopened boxes to review, and this time it's the JG AKS-74U. Enjoy!"

JG Bar 10 With Wolverine Bolt System Installed


Long Shot the HPA Sniper, a member of the Omega Squad, talks about his JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle that uses the BOLT System from Wolverine Airsoft... "Introduction to YouTube and discussing my JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle with the Wolverine Bolt system. RunCam 4K Scope Cam, First Strike tank, Wolverine Storm regulator and Maple Leaf hop-up and bucking system."

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