Is The ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Out Of The Box?


Geonox Airsoft reviews the ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax airsoft sniper rifle if it is the best airsoft sniper rifle out of the box... "In this video we look at the Steyr Scout Elite with 2.6 Joule tuning spring from Rapax. There aren't many airsoft snipers that are playable out of the box. Usually they shoot crookedly, have no precision, no range or the innards are not designed for the energy and break after a few days of play. With the Steyr Scout you no longer need to worry about tuning.

Geonox Airsoft On The Delta Armory DA-B13 AEG


Geonox Airsoft gives his take with ETU and MOSFET-equipped DA-B13 AEG from Delta Armory... "In this video we take a look at the Delta Armory DA-B13. This AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) has an ETU and a mosfet. The ETU protects you from gear hangers and the Mosfet gives the whole thing a better response and protects the innards. You have full auto and you can play the airsoft on a game day from 14.

Geonox Airsoft: LT-21 AK-105 ETU Proline G2 S-AEG


Geonox Airsoft takes a look at the €200 AEG from Lancer Tactical, the LT-21 AK-105 ETU Prolinee G2 S-AEG... "In this video we take a look at the Lancer Tactical LT21 AK105. The LT21 has an ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) and a mosfet. The whole thing is available for 209 EUR. It's no secret that I'm a Lancer Tactical fan. The value for money is simply great. You get a lot of metal here and above all you are protected from gear box jams by the ETU.

Geonox Airsoft: Specna Arms SA-E13 EDGE 2.0


Geonox Airsoft goes over the MOSFET-equipped Specna Arms SA-E13 EDGE 2.0 AEG... "In this video we take a look at the Specna Arms SA-E13 Edge 2.0. It is a SAEG (Semi Automatic Electric Gun). It has 0.5 joules, has a semi (not a full auto) and is over 18. Inside we find an ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) and a mosfet. The spring quick-change system is particularly simple, particularly fast and requires no tools. The innards are metal and airseal."

Geonox Airsoft: SAC VX0100 GBB


A look at the SAC VX0100 GBB Pistol by Geonox Airsoft. Just turn on your language captions to follow this review... "In this video we look at the SAC VX0100. It is a GBB by AW Custom with a Maple Leaf upgrade by Sniper Airsoft Supply. GBB stands for gas blowback. The pistol is therefore gas-operated and therefore from 18 years of age. AW Custom is already known for its very high quality and the almost non-existent gap dimensions.

Specna Arms SA-C04 €150 Entry Level AEG


An affordable AEG at €150, is the Specna Arms SA C04 good enough for beginners? Geonox Airsoft gives his take in this video review... "In this video we look at the Specna Arms SA C04. It is an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). In addition to semi, it also has full auto. It is 14+ and battery operated.

I always say get an Airsoft with ETU and Mosfet. But the prices start at 200 EUR. Therefore you always ask whether it is also cheaper without ETU and Mosfet.

Geonox Airsoft's CYMA CM.132 AEP Review


How does a MOSFET-equipped CYMA CM.132 AEP perform? Geonox Airsoft does a review of this AEP if it is something he can recommend to airsoft players... "In this video we look at the CM.132 from Cyma. It is an AEP. It stands for Automatic Electric Pistol. That means it is battery operated. And since it's under 0.5 joules, it also has continuous fire.

Is it worth it for getting started with Airsoft?

Geonox Airsoft: Specna Arms SA-E11 AEG


In this video we take a look at the Specna Arms SA-E11 as reviewed by Geonox Airsoft. This was released a few years ago with RRA licensing and it comes equipped with Gate X-ASR MOSFET, Specna Orion Gearbox and ESA Quick change spring system which is pretty much a standard for years with Specna Arms AEGs.

Geonox Airsoft: Ares Amoeba AM009 AEG


Whilst the Amoeba brand of Ares Airsoft is usually known for its compact AEG designs, it also has carbine length ones suc the AM009 AEG that Geonox Airsoft reviews in this video... "In this video we look at the Ares Amoeba AM009. Here we have a SAEG (Semi Automatic Electric Gun) airsoft with a nice combination of metal handguard and polymer body. This is my favorite combination. So you have the nice high-quality and robust feeling of metal.

Geonox Airsoft: Ares Amoeba AM015 AEG


The compact Ares Amoeba AM015 AEG gets the scrutiny of Geonox Airsoft... "In this video we look at the Ares Amoeba AM-015. It is an Airsoft SAEG (Semi Automatic Electric Gun). We have a very compact design here. This is good for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) or for people who don't want to wear themselves out unnecessarily.

The biggest highlight is the built-in EFCS (Electronic Firing Control System). This protects you from Gearbox Jams. And the mosfet protects the internals."

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