E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox


Jag Precision E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox

Jag Precision shows the results of the upgrades they put into the E&C Strike EC-854 AEG in this video... "Following up on our last video, we now look at an E&C Striker that has been lightly upgraded with commonly chosen parts. I want to highlight how everything fits and there's no issues with proprietary gearboxes or other things you might encounter, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to put in the parts they desire and get the most out of this platform.

We'll follow up with a shoot test and review video for the E&C guns shortly.

E&C Airsoft Striker (EC-854)


  • full metal, available in retro style XM177, M16VN, and M733 or modern Striker CQB carbine
  • 8mm gearbox
  • quick change spring guide
  • rotary hop up chamber
  • functional bolt catch and release
  • silver cord wiring

Upgrades we did in this video:

  • CNC production metal hop up chamber
  • Madbull black python 6.03mm aluminum tight bore barrel
  • CNC 60 degree bucking
  • CNC production 14 metal tooth piston (ligthweight/ported)
  • CNC production aluminum piston head
  • CNC production aluminum cylinder head
  • Modify air seal nozzle with o-ring
  • CNC 16:1 gear set, regreased, reshimmed
  • CNC high torque motor"

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