E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox


Jag Precision shows the results of the upgrades they put into the E&C Strike EC-854 AEG in this video... "Following up on our last video, we now look at an E&C Striker that has been lightly upgraded with commonly chosen parts. I want to highlight how everything fits and there's no issues with proprietary gearboxes or other things you might encounter, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to put in the parts they desire and get the most out of this platform.

ICS SSS V2 Gearbox Assembly ASMR


Another ASMR session for you to relax as Verage Airsoft assembles the ICS Airsoft SSS V2 Gearbox... "SSS V2 Gearbox Assembly. We've all had it, opening up something and then having a difficult time to get it all back together. Well it happened to me, not that long ago.

Airsoft Academy: The Airsoft Gearbox


Destockage Games got their Airsoft Academy and for this quick lesson, it's all about the Gearbox. Viewers can learn about how it works and the different types used in various airsoft guns... "Discover in 7min what a Gearbox is in airsoft: mode of operation, different versions of Gearbox, energies used."

GATE Electronics EON V2 Gearbox Pre-Order


Set to be released on the 14th of March, EON V2 Gearbox from GATE Electronics is now on pre-order... "The EON V2 Gearbox – the Mothership is arriving straight from GATE factory! Pre-order before March 14 – Limited stocks with 40% OFF. First come, first served.

CNC machined Gearbox made in GATE factory from aircraft grade Aluminium 7075 T6 with military tensile strength of 570 MPa allows for extreme tuning and embraces the following improvements:

Removing A V2 Gearbox From an AR-Style AEG


Another tech session by Rock Bottom Airsoft which shows how to take down an AR-style AEG that uses the Version 2 Gearbox... "In this video we will remove the gearbox from an AR based replica in airsoft. This would be relevant to replicas such as the M4, M16, ARP and any other AR based airsoft replicas.

Introduction To Airsoft AEG Gearbox Components


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about the various components that make at an airsoft AEG gearbox plus upgrade options... "In this video we are going to take a look at the internals of our AEG mechboxes in airsoft. We will look at the parts we may want to upgrade, costs and what they are.

Opening The Systema M4A1 M120 Gearbox


A rather old gearbox by today's airsoft standards, ASTKilo23 goes over the Systema M4A1 M120 Gearbox... "I recently picked up quite an oldy, a complete Systema gearbox from Norwest Airsoft, a small Airsoft shop here in Spokane. It seems to have been used a bit, but I open it up none the less to see what the quality of 10+ gear old parts and tuning are like."

G&G ARP 9 Complete Gearbox


G&G ARP9 AEG owners looking to replace their gearboxes can order a complete gearbox... "The ARP 9 completed gearbox provides the perfect solution for anyone looking to revive their AEG. Easily drop in the ARP 9 gearbox into your receiver and avoid the complications of assembling your internals. Now available worldwide."

New G&G G2/G2H Complete Gearboxes


Now available is the new G&G G2 and G2H Complete Gearboxes for M4/16 AEGs and 308 AEGs... "Our enhanced G2/G2H complete gearboxes are the perfect solution for anyone looking to elevate their performance on the battlefield. We've reinforced the outer shell of the gearbox to prevent cracking under stress, improved compression by adding double o-rings on the cylinder head, and added a quick spring change capability to name a few features.

Complete Gearboxes For G&G GR-16 & UMG


Rear-wired or front-wired, G&G Armament got complete gearboxes for the GR-16 as well as the UMG so you can easily replace the existing one... "Our complete gearbox provides the perfect solution for anyone looking to revive their AEG. Easily drop-in the gearbox into your receiver and avoid the complications of assembling your internals. Compatible with any non-blowback G&G AEG.

Contact your local G&G Dealer for availability and pricing."

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