Jefftron Leviathan In A KWA with a 2.5+ Gearbox


Wystech Jefftron Leviathan In A KWA with a 2.5+ Gearbox

WYSHTECH Airsoft shows you how to adjust your KWA 2.5+ or VM4 gearbox so that it can work with a Jefftron Leviathan. The Leviathan - V2 optical is a high-tech ETU (electronic trigger unit) that enhances your shooting experience. It uses both optical and switch sensors to detect the trigger position and control the gearbox, making it more responsive and durable than traditional ETUs. It also has wireless communication that allows you to connect it to your iOS or Android smartphone and adjust various settings, such as fire modes, pre-cocking, battery protection, and more. Moreover, it has a tactile trigger switch with a very short travel of only 0,13mm, giving you a hair trigger feeling and faster trigger response.

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