Jefftron Leviathan In A KWA with a 2.5+ Gearbox


WYSHTECH Airsoft shows you how to adjust your KWA 2.5+ or VM4 gearbox so that it can work with a Jefftron Leviathan. The Leviathan - V2 optical is a high-tech ETU (electronic trigger unit) that enhances your shooting experience. It uses both optical and switch sensors to detect the trigger position and control the gearbox, making it more responsive and durable than traditional ETUs.

Classic Army CA5A2 AEG Tune-Up


WYSHTECH Airsoft shows up with something that Classic Army AEG owners can remember, the CA5A2, he does a quick review and tuning up of the AEG... "This video is a doing a Tune-up and review on a CLASSIC ARMY CA5A2. The video covers what Wyshtech does in a tune-up/upgrade and shares some tech tips during the process. If you own a CLASSIC ARMY CA5A2, you don't want to miss this video! Enjoy!"

EM Stryker Install Guide


If you are not sure on how to install the EM Cannon “Stryker” Conversion Kit, WYSHTECH Airsoft got this video to guide you to install it on your M4 AEG. This kit is based on the Stryker Gauss Rifle used by the United Space Defense Associations (U.S.D.A.) and can be installed on Marui-compatible M4 AEGs.

Tokyo Marui MP5 Community SPEED Build


We're liking these livestreamed airsoft teching videos and WYSHTECH Hobbies did one last month showinng his SPEED Build on a Tokyo Marui MP5 AEG... "Wyshtech's Live Stream got a new look! I am also working on a Tokyo Mauri MP5 that the viewers from a previous stream picked how we should build this gun!  Come be a part of the action!"

APS M4 Silver Edge Gearbox Teardown Review


WYSHTECH Hobbies reviews the APS Phantom Extremis MK III AEG which includes a teardown and inspection of the Silver Edge Gearbox... "In this video, we are going to teardown and review this APS Phantom Extremis Mark II's Silver EDGE gearbox. We will inspect parts, OEM shimming, compression, AOE, calculate gear and volume ratios, and do a full tune-up with before and after Chrono."

WE M4 CQBR Open Bolt GBB Black Edition


WYSHTECH Hobbies takes a look at the WE M4 CQBR Open Bolt GBB Black Edition which should be available at most airsoft retailers worldwide... "Today we are reviewing the WE CQB M4 Black Edition GBB that we got in a $150 Evike Mystery Box. In the video, we'll cover the box contents, the rifle itself, a how-to guide on adjusting it's WIERD HOP-UP,  do a mag dump stress test, and Chrono test! Enjoy!"

Tokyo Marui P90TR AEG After 10 Years


WYSHTECH Hobbies does a review of the Tokyo Maui P90TR AEG after ten years of owning it. Will it sill be in top form like it was brand new? If you got stories about AEGs you still own after over a decade, we'd love to hear from you... "In this video, we will review my Tokyo Marui P90 that I have owned for 10+ years by the time of this video was uploaded.  We will go over the pro's and con's of this airsoft P90 and it's history in wear and tear.

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