Jefftron Leviathan In A KWA with a 2.5+ Gearbox


WYSHTECH Airsoft shows you how to adjust your KWA 2.5+ or VM4 gearbox so that it can work with a Jefftron Leviathan. The Leviathan - V2 optical is a high-tech ETU (electronic trigger unit) that enhances your shooting experience. It uses both optical and switch sensors to detect the trigger position and control the gearbox, making it more responsive and durable than traditional ETUs.

KWA KO Series EVE 4 AEG As A Luxury Budget AEG


It looks like the Tactical Chicano finds the KWA KO Series EVE 4 to give the most bang for the buck. The KWA KO EVE-4 AEG is a lighter M4-style AEG with a polymer receiver and MLOK handguard. It has a side charging handle, a vertical grip, a PDW stock, PTS sights, a muzzle brake, ambi fire controls, and QD sockets. It has a 2.5+ VPS gearbox and can take an electronic trigger group. It is a fast and reliable polymer AEG from KWA.

KWA LM4 PTR GBB Maintenance


The Crows Shadow does a show and tell video to help owners of the KWA LM4 PTR Gas Blowback Rifle maintain their GBBR... "Hey everyone in today's video we will be doing Maintenance on a KWA Airsoft LM4 PT. But the main idea is to show basic care of your GBBR, if you have any questions or doubts don't forget to leave a comment down below."

Will A Beginner Level Airsoft AEG Still Perform?


Talon Meyer finds the polymer KWA EVE-9 AEG to be a good performer... "This is gameplay from a KWA polymer AEG called the EVE-9 which is a newer release introducing an all polymer external construction but leaves the newer adjustable velocity internals. The gearbox design was a concept added into their metal receiver bodies but as the industry of airsoft has shifted construction to be as lightweight as possible the need for alternative materials was needed.

KWA M93R GBB Pistol Review By Combat Sport Supply


The full auto-capable KWA M93R GBB Pistol gets the scrutiny of Combat Sport Supply, which carries this, if it is worth buying... "Is it WORTH It? A KWA M93R Airsoft Demonstration and Review. We Look at the KWA M93R Select Fire with 3rnd Burst and Full Auto Airsoft Replica. How does the 3 round Burst work? We also go over other features and options available for it.

It's been around awhile, but if you're not familiar, check it out now."

Middle Aged Gamer: KWA Mega Arms CQB GBBR


Another KWA gas blowback for the Middle Aged Gamer to review, the licensed KWA Mega Arms CQB Gas Blowback Rifle... "We take a look at one of KWA's unique AR15s the MEGA Arms CQB GBBR. They brought one the the cool ideas from AR history that sadly didn't make it and gave it a great Airsoft life."

Airsoft Master: EVE Series AEGs By KWA


The EVE AEG Series from KWA are already in the market and you can find them at Airsoft Master. They produced a video to tell you more about these... "If you're in the market for a great quality all polymer airsoft gun that won't break the bank, the Eve Series from KWA has you covered. The EVE4  and EVE 9 are perfect for CQB (Close quarter battle) and mid range engagements. Come by to day and pick up yours up today or from our online store."

Femme Fatale Airsoft's KWA Originals EVE-4 Unboxing


Femme Fatale Airsoft got a package from KWA that contains the KWA Originals EVE-4 AEG. The KWA Originals EVE-4 is a more compact 2.5+ AEG that comes with the PDW stock. The 2.5+ VPS box is sseen in the TK.45c, Ronin T6, QRF Mod Series, and Ronin 47. Here is what she says in this unboxing video.



One of the "cuties" in airsoft, the KWA M11A1 MAC 11 NS2 GBB SMG gets reviewed by The Regular Sandwich.  Powered by Green Gas, it is mainly made of Polymer and has a wired retractable stock. For a such a small but rapid firing GBB, it comes with a 48-BB round gas magazine which easily gets emptied if you go rock and roll in full auto.

Timerzanov Airsoft: KWA Ronin TK45 3.0 EBB


Timerzanov Airsoft takes a closer look at the KWA Ronin TK45 3.0 AEG that has a simulated blowback feature... "Hello everyone ! For this week I offer you the review of the Ronin TK45 3.0 EBB from KWA, a replica inspired by an M4 and a Kriss Vector. A replica with a blowback system resembling a Bolt replica. An atypical and original replica that I invite you to discover in this video!
Good video to all !

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