At SHOT Show 2023: JAG Precision


The got hold of Tang, who is back at JAG Precision after a stint at Fox Airsoft, to talk about the stuff they have on display at the SHOT Show 2023 that took place in Las Vegas last week... "We met Tang in the airsoft distributor and manufacturer JAG Precision's booth at SHOT Show 2023."

Echo1 TAP/Quasa Takedown


A quick video from Jag Precision showing how to dismantle an Echo1 TAP/Quasa... "This is a quick video showing how to disassemble your Echo1 T.A.P. (JP-131 & JP-132) and Echo1 Quasa (JP-135) for cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. This is for AIRSOFT only."

Upgraded Jag Precision TTI Combat Master GBB Pistol


Find out what WarWolve Ghost put into the Jag Precision TTI Combat Master Gas Blowback Pistol to upgrade it... "Just giving a real quick demo of my TTI Combat Master by JAG precision. it's been upgraded with a unicorn tight bore barrel and bucking, also has the Cow Cow short stroke spring buffers as well.

Thanks for watching."

E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox


Jag Precision shows the results of the upgrades they put into the E&C Strike EC-854 AEG in this video... "Following up on our last video, we now look at an E&C Striker that has been lightly upgraded with commonly chosen parts. I want to highlight how everything fits and there's no issues with proprietary gearboxes or other things you might encounter, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to put in the parts they desire and get the most out of this platform.

Installing The Echo1 Bravo Combat Dot


Video from Jag Precision showing how to install the Bravo Combat Dot from Echo1 USA on your handgun... "The Bravo Combat Dot uses a Doctor optic style footprint. The Echo1 Optic Mounting Plate will accept this optic and mount to the Echo1 Cyclops and Echo1 Quasa Hi Capa clones. This video will show you how to install it.

Changing The Echo1 Nemesis Arms Vanquish Spring


The easy to stow Echo1 Nemesis Arms Vanquish has a quick spring change feature and Jag Precision shows how to do it in this video... "The Echo1 Nemesis Arms licensed Vanquish spring sniper rifle is full metal and hard shooting out of the box, pushing the envelope for quality, affordability, and performance.

BRAVO Airsoft Combat Red Dot In Stock


The Bravo Combat Dot 3 MOA Red Dot Sight is available to order at the Echo1 USA Airsoft online store according to Jag Precision... "The Bravo 3 MOA Combat Dot is a mini red dot sighting system built to be tough and affordable for airsoft use. This comes with a picatinny rail adapter that can be removed and mounted directly to optic platforms that accept a Doctor style red dot sight footprint.

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