E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing of the E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal and checks how it holds up... "Many thanks to Casual Cookie who let me unbox this his brand new E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal. After seeing the Patriot model from E&C I was excited to see how this one came out.

So, come check it out and see how I got on in my unboxing of it."

E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox


Jag Precision shows the results of the upgrades they put into the E&C Strike EC-854 AEG in this video... "Following up on our last video, we now look at an E&C Striker that has been lightly upgraded with commonly chosen parts. I want to highlight how everything fits and there's no issues with proprietary gearboxes or other things you might encounter, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to put in the parts they desire and get the most out of this platform.

E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG Unboxing


Compact, with M-Lok rails, and PDW stock, this is a good looking E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG that got unboxed by Pheas Airsoft... "In this video its the first ever time I get my hands on an E&C of any sort. Come and check out how I got on and what I thought to them and their renown build quality!"

Highlander Airsoft: E&C SMR16 7" CQB Gen 4 AEG


Highlander Airsoft checks another 416-style AEG from East Crane, the E&C SMR16 7" CQB Gen 4 AEG. This has the ECEC System which is what they call its quick spring change system. This AEG is also is fully compatible with LiPo 7.4V / 11.1V and LiFe 6.6V / 9.9V batteries.

E&C Retro Airsoft Guns At Airsoft GI


More companies are doing some retro-style airsoft guns and Airsoft GI got some from East Crane (E&C)... "For some reason, retro guns are coming back into style. Of course airsoft had to make moves too! E&C is here just in time to fill your needs! With the XM-177, M733, and M16VN, you can build the retro airsoft guns of your dreams! Cisco dives in deeper and takes a look at what E&C Airsoft has to offer!"

E&C Glock 17 Gen5 GBB Pistol Steel Parts Magnet Test


Cley Films checks out the quality and identification of the metal parts of the E&C Glock 17 Gen5 GBB Pistol via a magnet test in this video... "In this video we will identify the steel parts inside the E&C Glock 17 Gen5 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol using the Magnet Test. Enjoy!"

E&C 0.5 Joule MK18 MOD05 Review


A shorter review this time by Reapers Airsoft of the E&C 0.5 Joule MK18 MOD05 S-AEG as it took almost 40 minutes as compared to hour-long ones. This AEG is of course, made for German regulations thus the lower energy and being semi-auto. This S-AEG equipped with EFCS, Mosfet, Speed ​​trigger, and Short Stroke.

REAPERS Airsoft: E&C SMR16, MK18 Version 3 & Honey Badger S-AEGs


A look at the updated SMR16 and MK18 as well as the Honey Badger S-AEGs available at Begadi by Reapers Airsoft... "Hello gentlemen, this video is once again about E&C, the SMR16 and MK18 models are now available in the 3rd version at Begadi. I would also like to briefly provide you with some information about the Honey Badger in terms of battery and motor."

E&C M4 R.I.S. Advanced Test


AirsoftPro stress tests the E&C M4 R.I.S. Advanced AEG that they have available... "Airsoft rifle E&C M4 R.I.S ADVANCED series is full metal automatic electric gun (AEG). The gun isn't only for beginners, but also for advanced players. E&C is a great choice because they offer a modern look, good price and perfect performance."

E&C SMR16 Better Than The VFC HK416?


If indeed the E&C SMR16 is better than the HK416 AEG from VFC, then it also means it gives better value for the money. Q-Airsoft does a review of the AEG in this video... "Moin folks, in this video we see whether the new E&C SMR16 is any good and whether it is suitable for beginners - have fun!"

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