E&C EC25 MCC -GEN.4- S-AEG With Begadi CORE EFCS


Kays Airsoft reviews and tests the E&C EC25 MCC -GEN.4- S-AEG that comes with the Begadi CORE EFCS. This has an adjustable  speed trigger and ambidextrous operation.  It is supplied with Deans connectors and features a quick spring change system that is typical in AEGs nowadays... "This time I am testing the new E&C EC25 MMC S-AEG in the 4th generation. This weapon is factory tuned by Begadi."

REAPERs Airsoft: E&C EC25 MCC Gen.4


The E&C EC25 MCC Gen. 4 gets the ful attention of REAPERs Airsoft. This AEG got the touches from Begadi and made to meet regulations of Germany... "Hi folks, review of the new E&C EC25 MCC Airsoft in the 4th generation. This is a modern SR25 S-AEG with V2.5 gearbox (19 tooth system)."

REAPERs Airsoft: E&C BC-9 Competition & Skeletor Gen.4 S-AEG


It's two airsoft guns for REAPERs Airsoft to review in this episode and these are the  E&C BC-9 Competition & Skeletor Gen.4 S-AEG (S-AEG as these are German spec)... "Hello friends of relaxed pea acceleration, in this video we are going through two new airsoft models from E&C. The BC-9 competition in "Sunset Gray" and Skeletor S-AEG 4th generation."

X-Bone Custom E&C SS2 MI M-LOK Stubby Gen4 AEG


Peace Combat TV features an E&C SS2 MI M-LOK Stubby Gen4 AEG that customised by X-Bone... "E&C SS2 MI M-LOK Stubby Gen4, X-BONE AIRSOFT, 50m headshot tune / high response dual tune custom construction! ! This video is posted in detail in PEACE COMBAT VOL.51. Please check it out as well!"

Pheas Airsoft's Guide To E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Disassembly


For owners of the E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal AEG here is a guide from Pheas Airsoft on how to dismantle the AEG for maintenance and repairs... "Many thanks once again to Casual Cookie for letting me unbox and then disassemble this E&C 415A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal.

I was impressed to start with, but certain elements of it bothered me, but come check out how you do a disassembly to help with repairs and maintenance. "

E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing of the E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal and checks how it holds up... "Many thanks to Casual Cookie who let me unbox this his brand new E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal. After seeing the Patriot model from E&C I was excited to see how this one came out.

So, come check it out and see how I got on in my unboxing of it."

E&C Striker EC-854 Upgraded Gearbox


Jag Precision shows the results of the upgrades they put into the E&C Strike EC-854 AEG in this video... "Following up on our last video, we now look at an E&C Striker that has been lightly upgraded with commonly chosen parts. I want to highlight how everything fits and there's no issues with proprietary gearboxes or other things you might encounter, which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to put in the parts they desire and get the most out of this platform.

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