Custom Tokyo Marui Colt M16 SAM-R MWS GBB


Nextgen Retros: Custom Tokyo Marui Colt M16 SAM-R MWS GBB

We just love what Nextgen Retros churn out with their custom projects using the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback System and featured in this video is Tokyo Marui Colt M16 Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle SAM-R MWS GBB which uses parts from Western Arms, G&P, and Boyi. Read the list below to find the full custom ingredients in making this project:

  • WA Steel M16A2 Outerbarrel with G&P Adapter for MWS
  • G&P M16A2 Stock for MWS
  • Boyi SPR RAS Railsystem
  • M3 Scope Clone
  • Dummy Anpeq
  • KAC Style Grip
  • SPR Front Sight
  • Harris Style Bipod
  • 20rd and 30rd Marui magazine

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