Krytac Trident MK2 PDW-M DSG Custom + Perun V2 Hybrid


Gundam Server shows us the Krytac Trident MK2 PDW-M DSG Custom + Perun V2 Hybrid which, going over the upgrades list, should be a beast during an airsof game. This AEG is upgraded with Laylax, SLONG Aisoft, ORGA Airsoft, and PTS Syndicate parts and accessories. Check the video out if you like what you see.

Custom DEVILSIX Airsoft AK Gas Blowback Rifle


Maydaysan Airsoft gets to play with the DEVILSIX Airsoft AK, a custom gun based on the Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle... "Today I use my DEVILSIX Airsoft AK, that was originally a Tokyo Marui AKM gas blowback, and using ARRON SMITH parts from DEVILSIX, this Airsoft AK has become a modernized beast. I hope you guys enjoy this airsoft gameplay, as much as I did!"

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA Elite Force MG4 LMG


Airsoftjunkiez wasted no time in customising the Elite Force MG4 LMG AEG made by VFC for it to be HPA-powered... "Airsoftjunkiez custom HPA Elite Force MG4 powered by PolarStar Aisoft F2 shooting 1.5j using High Power Airsoft .32g BBs. The box mag is controlled by the all new custom Airsoftjunkiez TCU. Both will be available for order Nov 8th. Stay tune for more product updates."

HellArms CS Project 1.6


HellArms show the spitfiring G&G ARP-556 custom AEG that they made, giving an ROF of 32 BBs per second... "Firing record and result of modification of ARP 556 by G&G. The gun is powered by a HellArms Li-ion 11.1V 8400mAh battery in the tube and under the stock tube. Muzzle velocity with 0.30g bls pellets is 108m/s, so 132m/s with 0.20g and 1.75J.

Scoutthedoggie Spots The Two Grand Gun


Prolific airsoft YouTuber Scoutthedoggie gets to spot a rather expensive airsoft gun, wherein over 2000 bucks was put into this build. Watch the video to find out if it's worth the money... "It is rare to encounter an airsoft player who has spent over two thousand pounds, that's almost $2200 US dollars on one airsoft gun.  This was recorded in game at Section8 Airsoft, Scotland September 25th 2022.  

Tokyo Marui NGRS Real Deal Custom Build


The Real Deal Airsoft got this custom build to show. Watch the video if you want to follow this build which means getting the upgrades he put into this. If you're ready, better write down the parts list which is rather a very long list that you might wonder if there is still an original part remaining. Still, a good exercise in airsoft teching.

Mr. Hita Custom DSG Airsoft Gun


Airsoftzone features a Mr. Hita Custom DSG Airsoft gun. Should be interesting how it implements a dual sector gear... "The Mr. Hita Custom Airsoft DSG was an internal fun project from our technical department, which has been assembled over a long period from different parts of various manufacturers."

USAirsoft: A US$1,400 Custom GHK AK Gas Blowback


You got to envy these guys who've got money to burn to bring some nice upgrades to their airsoft guns. In this video USAirsoft features Bloblesairsoft to talk about his custom GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle that costs him US$1,400... "bloblesairsoft is back with another special gas blowback that's had over $1,400 put into it!

Call it simple but I thought it was neat!

Parts List:

USAirsoft: $1,300 Custom Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun


When people got money to burn it's all good if it's spent on custom work. In this video USAirsoft features a US$1,300 custom gas blowback airsoft gun and includes the parts list so you can evaluate if it's worth it... "When blobles airsoft showed me his $1,300 Strike Industries WE Tech build, I knew I had to film a little video to show it off!
I love this build and I'm sure you will as well!

Here's a parts list if you like something you saw!

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