The Airsoft Surgeon EVO AR Version III


As always, the Airsoft Surgeon never ceases to make us drool with his custom projects. The Airsoft Surgeon EVO AR Version III is available at the Bang Bang Big Boys Store that mainly caters to Hong Kong residents... "This EVO AR III is based on an Inokatsu M4 GBBR Series and known for its reliable gas blow back system in the airsoft market.

BunnyCustom H&K MP5A5 GBB SMG


With the VFC MP5A5 Gen 2 Gas Blowback SMG now out, Bunny Workshop took one to customise it. They equipped it with a Surefire 628LMF MP5 Handguard Light, Aimpoint COMPM2 Red Dot Scope with outer rubber coversm and the Prometheus EG Barrel 6.03mm L: 250mm for Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB to replace the inner barrel.

Custom Action Army AAP01 Bosch Drill


Somebody got creative and turned the new Action Army AAP01 Gas Blowback Pistol into a Bosch Drill and still maintains the full auto option. This was posted by 최민성 on Facebook with design and assembly by Louie and the paintjob done by Mohyeongkkun. Now, you'll need to find a utility belt holster to bring it to the next airsoft game.

"The PERFECT Airsoft Gun Is Complete"


Kraken Airsoft got to finish his airsoft gun build which he finds it to be the perfect airsoft gun. Watch the video to find out more... "It is finally complete! My personal build! It is not the best airsoft gun of all time. But for me this thing is perfect! I love it so much! Can't wait to get back out on the field with this bad boy!"

Renegade Cow's AK "Trashnikov"


Renegade Cow never ceases to amaze with his custom airsoft builds. He usually produces custom airsoft guns based on certain weapon designs way ahead before major manufacturers take notice and do their own versions. In this case, it's having too much time under lockdown or quarantine due the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that he decided to make his "Trashkinov." Find out in the video what it is all about:

GF Custom Division: Bling Bling 69 (E&L ELS-74UN)


In this Airsoft 69 Seconds by Gunfire, see all these custom work done on the E&L Airsoft ELS-74UN AEGs by the GF Custom Division... "New, shining replicas from GF Custom Division have just arrived at Gunfire. This time using ELS-74UN E&L replicas, they deliver three airsoft Brothers: Gold, Silver, and Copper! You have to see these metallic masterpieces."

USAirsoft: 10 Amazing Custom Airsoft Guns


USAirsoft does a rundown of some cool custom airsoft guns that were pointed to him by his viewers to feature in this video... "I asked all over the internet to see the most amazing airsoft guns that the world had to be proud of and in less than a week, I received over 700 different custom replicas.

I got dozens of amazing World War 2 and World War 1 builds, DIY airsoft guns, Apocalypse builds, and so many more.

Custom AEG Builds From Airsoftjunkiez


Whilst many of the news posts that you read here about Airsoftjunkiez are Custom HPA Builds, they actually do a lot of Custom AEG Builds as well. From beginner custom builds to intermediate and advanced builds, they have some build that will fit your budget, though custom builds are not exactly cheap. Here is a video showing two builds.

Real Fake Guns: How To Weather Your AK


Grab your airsoft AK rifle if you're totally bored after finishing all the video archives of streaming services and reached all the highest level in FPS multiplayer games. Here is Real Fake Guns showing you how to weather your airsoft rifle... "How to weather your airsoft steel AK to look old and used, GBBR or AEG."

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