Marui M4 MWS w/ Angry Gun High Speed Bolt Carrier & MPA Nozzle


Fantastishik checks if the Angry Gun High Speed Bolt Carrier & MPA Nozzle for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Rifle is worth the upgrade... "In this video I want to test MPA Nozzle and Bolt carrier produced by Angry Gun company. I think this item is okey and perfectly upgrade your TM MWS system."

ORGA Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui M4 MWS CQBR Block 1


ORGA Airsoft gives us an overview of the ORGA Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui M4 MWS CQBR Block 1 as an upgrade part for the second GBB in the M4 MWS series of Tokyo Marui. They also other lengths to fit other MWS models... "ORGA AIRSOFT new product, MWS outer barrel is now available! Let's upgrade Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBB to exact specifications with a high quality aluminum outer barrel that is completely domestically produced!

Dytac SLR B15 Receiver For Tokyo Marui MWS M4 GBB


Give your Tokyo Marui MWS M4 GBB a new look with this SLR B15 Receiver from Dytac... "The COVID-19 is hitting globally and we wish you all is well and safe! Hopefully the situation will be under control soon and the cure will come up shortly, meanwhile please take care of yourself and each other.

Dytac is still operating and we would like to share with you one of the newest products which lots of people has been asking for: the SLR B15 receiver for Tokyo Marui MWS M4 GBB.

TM M4 MWS GBB F1 UDR-15 3G Custom


Sakataku TV shows this custom F1 Firearms UDR-15 3G gas blowback which uses the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS ZET GBB System. The receiver is the Iron Airsoft UDR-15 made for the Marui MWS that is available at Orga Airsoft in Japan. We like the look of this GBB rifle made to look like a sporting rifle.

Is The TM MTR16 Better Than The MWS?


The MTR16 GBB Rifle from the Tokyo Marui is an interesting design as it is designed in-house. They even made an actual real steel prototype to find out if the design can have real world use. In this video, Marck West tries to find out in this RWTV episode if it is superior to its MWS predecessors, if not internals wise, but ergonomics wise... "The Tokyo Marui MTR16 is the hottest AR from TM, is it better than its cousin the MWS?"

Laylax FF TM M4 GBB Ambi Bolt Catch


Make your Tokyo Marui M4 GBB Rifle have an ambidextrous bolt catch with the Laylax First Factory Ambi Bolt Catch... "It is a tactical item to make the bolt catch ambi & large. The lever is arranged along the lower frame so it does not interfere with the trigger operation and the lever jumps out from the lower frame greatly when the bolt catch is activated so that it is possible to realize a reliable and speedy bolt release with the trigger finger.

Iron Airsoft Poly Mag For Marui MWS GBB


Iron Airsoft are offering an alternative gas magazine for use with the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Series, their own Poly Magazine. This is a lightweight magazine as it uses Polymer and has 39 round capacity... "Currently, all poly magazines(for MARUI MWS) is manufactured for high pressure gas, they can not be used with low pressure gas(such as 134a). If users consider using them with low pressure gas, please wait for a different version."

Laylax FF TM M4 MWS Custom Chamber


In stock at Laylax is the First Factory Custom Chamber for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB... "This is a custom chamber corresponding to the gas blowback M4 series manufactured by Tokyo Marui. The elevated unit at the end of the hop arm restrains the displacement of the hop tensioner, so a stable hop-up can be realized.

In addition, our company's hop tensioner (flat/bridge) can be used, so it can correspond to various settings. 

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