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APS CAM870 Shotgun Shell Loading Guide

CatgutViolin APS CAM870 Shell Loading Guide

Airsoft YouTuber, CatgutViolin, shows how to load the CAM870 Airsoft Shotgun Shell from APS. This is the first version as there is already a version 2 released... "Here's how I load my shells, using paper cards instead of the plastic wads sold by APS. This video will show you how to load a basic 17-BB spread, taking advantage of a better gas seal to achieve comparable muzzle velocity to the 12 BBs in a plastic APS shot cup.

Note that when filling the shells with CO2, it's important to keep the bottle oriented above the shell. This fills the shells with liquid CO2 rather than gaseous CO2, which makes a pretty big difference in performance.

If you want to see more of the bullpup 870, I hope to have gameplay footage of it in use at Ballahack Airsoft in about two weeks."