Arroyo Airsoft's Cheap Airsoft Camo Guide


Can you get a good camo for airsoft use at US$4.00? Well, you can as long as you put some extra effort. Here is a cheap airsoft camo guide by Arroyo Airsoft... "For just under $4 you can apply some of the best looking camo to your gun, and all it takes is a bit of effort."

Ultimate Guide To Creating Airsoft Videos


Budding airsoft YouTubers can watch this video from Prairie Dog Airsoft as he claims to have the ultimate guide for creating airsoft videos. This shows his setup for gameplay videos, including a list of action cameras and scopecams that he uses as well as accessories and pouches.

Airsoft Backup Pistol Guide By Softair Zone


Softair Zone gives an introduction on airsoft pistols to guide beginners... "In this video we would like to introduce a range of common backup pistols. What types of drive are there such as AEP, Greengas or CO2. Gun or revolver? Here is a simple explanation for beginners in Airsoft what is GBB or NBB and what difference it makes. Why, for example, are NBB quiet and so economical and why is GBB so much fun. A shot test shows, for example, that revolvers are difficult to handle.

Beginner's Guide To Airsoft Ep. 4


More airsoft tips from Damascus Airsoft with episode 4 of his Beginner's Guide to Airsoft giving his top 5 airsoft tips... "In this episode of Beginner's Guide to Airsoft we're going to talk about my top 5 tips to keep in mind before you go to an airsoft match."

How to Build An Airsoft Loadout


In this episode from Pew Hub, it is about building your airsoft loadout. Whilst under lockdown and quarantine, better experiment with various loadouts that you feel comfortable with and should be appropriate to the game environment you will be in... "Accompany Rob on his journey to pick an airsoft load out. In this video, he's starting with clothing!"

Affordable Airsoft Guide Part 1


Gunfather Milsim has put out a guide for airsoft players or beginners on a budget... "This is part one in a three part series tailored towards new players who are looking to get into the sport. In this video I cover buying an affordable airsoft gun, magazines, battery and charger."

TFB’s Definitive Guide To All Glock Generations


Getting confused on the various Glock pistols in the market, especially the real deal ones? Here is the The Firearm Blog with a very definite guide to help you... "The popular phrase “there’s always room for improvement” rings true no matter what industry you’re in. Even for venerated manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, and Glock, there are always tiny steps here and there that are taken to improve their product.

Scale Freak: Beginners Guide To Airsoft Pistols


Scale Freak got their Beginners Guide series in airsoft and they discuss about handguns... "Getting into Airsoft can be pretty intimidating. There are lots of awesome people making video’s, but some of them can show some pretty intense stuff. With this video, we are just talking about some of the quick things to consider before you go and get your first Airsoft Pistol.

From beginners, to beginners."

A Quick Start Up Guide to HPA


Team Punisher Airsoft UK got this quick start up guide for High Pressure Air or HPA newbies to get going... "Have a close up look at Richy's start into HPA as he talks you through the basic equipment you need to Tap into Airsoft. A close up look to tap your GBB pistol, SMG or Rifle and a look at a pre built offering. You can buy a starter kit from High Pressure Airsoft and POWAIR6 also stock a lot of pre built HPA RIFs."

Gunfire: Camo-Pen Camouflage Paint Short Guide


Video from Gunfire showing how to apply the Camo-Pen on you airsoft gun... "If you want to remain unnoticed on the airsoft battlefield, good masking is essential. Camo Pen paints offer you a very simple, fast and clean application of an effective camouflage on a replica and more! Camo Pen paints are equipped with a convenient applicator with a sponge, they are suitable for coating plastics, ceramics, metals, and textile materials."

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