Gunfire: You Don't Know APS Airsoft?


Perhaps you do and you tend to think about APS with the CAM870 realistic operating airsoft shotgun series. But the company does more and here is Leszek of Gunfire to tell you the other stuff it produces... "The manufacturer's range is wide, so here's a quick overview!

Testing The APS M870 SAI Mark 3 Airsoft Shotgun


Timerzanov Airsoft does a test of the realistic operating APS M870 SAI Mark 3 airsoft shotgun in this video... "Hello everyone ! Today I have a special video for you! I offer you the test of a somewhat special airsoft shotgun. Here is the M870 SAI MK3 from APS. A replica shotgun with ejectable cartridges with a realistic effect. In this video @VincAAB and @l.a.d.dlairsofteurdudimanc4404 came to tell you about it in person. In short, I let you discover this on video!

APS Ghost Patrol Phantom Black With Edge II Gearbox


A quick demo of the Ghost Patrol Phantom Black with Edge II Gear box from APS... "It is the first APS AEG with the new Edge II gear box. Built in Micro fet and full upgraded internal parts is able withstand M140 spring, High Torque Motor and high power battery.

EMG Noveske Infidel 13.7" Gen 4 AEG By APS


ASG Olsztyn reviews the EMG Noveske Infidel 13.7" Gen 4 AEG that is produced by APS. This a fully licensed AEG from Noveske Rifleworks and was released a few years back. It has the Noveske NSR-15" M-Lok Rail System whilst the pistol grip is designed exclusively for EMG brand and bears the EMG tradmark. It also comes with the eSilver Edge SDU 2.0 Programmable Gear Box that is already a standard in new generation APS AEGs.

0'20 Magazine: APS ASK212 Ghost Patrol


In issue No. 44 of 0'20 Magazine, you can get to read all about the APS ASK212 Ghost Patrol Assault AEG... "This modernized version of the Tactical AK74 Black from APS offers a new possibility with the AK-74.

A rifle that is an updated version of the AKM, its production began in 1974 and it is still being manufactured today, we guess that this is why it is still a very popular model among airsoft and that we can see regularly in the fields.

APS CAM Bulldog Airsoft Shotgun


APS demonstrates the latest shotgun from their CAM series, the CAM Bulldog... "After the success of the CAM MKIII-SF, APS releases the new upgrade version BullDog. The all action and operation of this airsoft gun is the same as real one. It has a top rail with quad fore add the accessory, such as scope, flash light, laser.

0'20 Magazine: APS X1 Ultimate GBB Pistol


0'20 Magazine also covers the APS X1 AR-Style Gas Blowback Pistol in Issue 44... "Who has not had an APS in their hands at some point? One of their AEGs, one of their pistols or at least a Thunder B Grenade. This Hong Kong manufacturer surprised us with the performance of its e-Silver Edge GearBox, and with the launch of EMG-licensed brands such as Falkor Defense, F-1 Firearms, Noveske Salient Arms International...

APS Urban Assault Rifle Bullup AEG Unboxing


Fans of the hit sci-fi series "The Expanse" can lay their hands again of the bullpup rifle used the series, the APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR) bullpup AEG. Released a decade ago, the APS UAR AEG is an original design of the Hong Kong-based company and it is also its first complete AEG. This version now comes with the Silver Edge Ver 3 Gearbox... "Open Box of APS Bullup AEG Rifle UAR501.

APS Airsoft X1 GBB Ultimate Pistol


APS will be releasing a pistolised AR gas blowback pistol which they call the X1 GBB Ultimate Pistol/Xtreme GBB Pistol with their G.Box System in late 2022... "If you are an Airsoft Player, you should heard of APS brand – an Airsoft Gun manufacturer based in Hong Kong who is famous in Electric Blow Back Rifles, Co2 Pistols and its Thunder B’s grenade family.

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