Airsoft Shotgun Shell Recovery Technique Demo


Sakataku TV demonstrates a way to retrieve airsoft shotgun shells without walking back and bending over to retrieve them which takes time and more effort. The technique can be done during in-game so no time is lost and shells retrieved quickly. Takes a lot of practice to get used to it though.

How Does An Airsoft Shotgun Shell Work?


Airsoft Sledge got an educational video showing how an airsoft shotgun shell works. Does he cover the shells based on the Marui design or the APS design? Watch the video... "Have you ever wanted to know how a shotgun shell works and what it looks like from the inside?

Here you can find out. Have fun!"

3D Printed Shell Side Saddle


Cool Hobby shows a 3D Print shell Side Saddle for AKA M870 Gel Blaster that can also be used with M870 airsoft shotguns. Too bad they didn't provide the files to download so you can do it if you have access to a 3D printer. If you have 3D printing ideas for airsoft, we would like to hear from you.

TAGinn Shell-HPA Launching Device Howto


Here is a video manual from TAGinn/Airsoft Pyrotechnics showing how to use the Launcher – “Shell HPA”... "'Shell-HPA' is for high pressure air use ONLY. It must be filled from the regular 850PSI regulated HPA paintball tank, using the upper part of the 'FiSt-2'. This device will throw the projectiles as far as our shell-less grenade launcher TAG-ML36 upgraded with HPA extension kit.

APS X-Power Cartridge For CAM MK1 & 3


Video from APS showing the X-Power Cartridge Shotgun Shell. Made for the CAM MK1 and MK3 Shotun versions, this feature the Smart Charge design. Power is at 370 - 400 fps and has a capacity of 11 BBs. It can be purshed in 4-pack or 25-pack boxes and they should be used with the new Short Wad CAM154.

APS CAM870 Shotgun Shell Loading Guide


Airsoft YouTuber, CatgutViolin, shows how to load the CAM870 Airsoft Shotgun Shell from APS. This is the first version as there is already a version 2 released... "Here's how I load my shells, using paper cards instead of the plastic wads sold by APS. This video will show you how to load a basic 17-BB spread, taking advantage of a better gas seal to achieve comparable muzzle velocity to the 12 BBs in a plastic APS shot cup.

Airsoft Taiwan: PPS M870 Shotgun Shells


In this new video from Airsoft Taiwan, they introduce new shotgun shells for the PPS M870 Airsoft Shotgun. The PPS M870 Package comes with only two plastic shells and now they will be supplying shells in red and purple colours. The red shell package comes with 5 shells that have a 3 round capacity whilst the purple version which also comes in a 5-shell package is made of metal and  has double the capacity at 6 rounds.

Product Updates from Modify-Tech


Modify-Tech of Taiwan got a new girl in coordinating news with the airsoft media and she sends in some news. Hanna says that they in stock again fothe Plugged Fire Cartridge for the Marushin Model Gun Series which is sought after by reenactors and collectors. Also in stock are their Rifle Stock Ammo Pouch with Cheek Leather pad which is available in more than 1 colour and camo patterns.

Hornbill Products Spare Shells for TOP M4 AEG


If you ordered the Top M4 shell-ejecting AEG and would like to load up more on shells, you can check the Hornbill products as they're at US$7.99 per 30-pc package as compared to the original 30-pc package for US$10.00. These are spare plastic shells without any electroplating process which they claim are more environment friendly. These are available at

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