Nuprol Sierra Storm Airsoft Shotgun Review


Logan Plays tries the Nuprol Siera Storm Airsoft Shotgun if it something he would recommend to airsoft players in this video review and more... "Hi! Thanks for watching our review of the Nuprol Airsoft Shotgun! You should be able to decide whether or not you want to buy this

This gun was bought from Drapers gun shop.

In this video we’ll walk you through:

New Golden Eagle Pump Action Gas Shotguns


A quick video showing three gas-powered airsoft shotguns from Golden Eagle that operate with some familiarity to those shotguns from Tokyo Marui... "Here is the Golden Eagle New Pump Action Gas Airsoft Shotgun. Tactical Forend and Side Saddle, with 3 Burst or 6 Burst Mode. Models are 8886, Full Stock w/ Tactical Forend, 8887RW, Compact Size w/ Classic Wood Grip, and 8888, Full Stock and Side Saddle to Carry More Shell Type Magazines."

The Firearm Blog: Mossberg 590A1 Review


It's a shotgun review this time for James of The Firearm Blog as he covers the Mossberg 590A1... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves gives you a long-overdue review of the Mossberg 590A1. The Mossberg 590A1 is known for its durability: this shotgun has been tested and proven in some of the toughest environments, including military trials.

Double Eagle M401 Pump Shotgun Review


Airsoft Sweden give their take on the M401 pump airsoft shotgun made by Double Eagle. Magazine that comes with it has a capacity of 18 BBs... "A review about the airsoft gun M401 pump shotgun which is made by double eagle. It's a good starting weapon for beginners. In this video, we go through things like quality, features, performance and more. We also test shoot it."

Drum Mag For Airsoft Shotgun Review & Test


How about that? A drum magazine designed from Avengers for use in airsoft shotguns, mainly for tri-shot airsoft shotguns and is electric powered for auto winding. This is the second drum mag for airsoft guns apart from the AA-12 AES from Tokyo Marui. Slim Airsoft got a video and says it can replace 40 shell magazines. He does an overview of it and tests to see how it performs.

Administrative Results: The Forgotten Shotgun That's Kinda Cool


Administrative Results is talking about the IWI TS-12 that was revealed to the world in the previous decade and when we first saw it, we also found it to be a cool shotgun that deserves an airsoft version... "Dang do I love Starship Troopers...The TS-12 from IWI in my opinion is one of those shotguns that didn't get that much screen time. It seems like a good design so far and I actually did like running it.

Maruzen CA870 Airsoft Shotgun Disassembly


For owners of the Maruzen CA870 Airsoft Shotgun, Nishimura put together this video as a helpful guide in doing maintenance or repairs... "Hello, this is Nishimura. This video explains how to disassemble and maintain the CA870. For reference of spring replacement and hop packing replacement such as Nonbain.

Required tools:

Trishot Airsoft Shotguns Explained


What are Trishot airsoft shotguns? FokkerBoombass explains this tech for airsoft shotguns that was introduced by Tokyo Marui... "Yes, I do airsoft. Been at it for like 14 years now. Just a quick barely scripted video I decided to make so I can link every time I need to explain the quirks of trishots to people. Feel free to do that as well."

Custom HPA M870 Breacher Shotgun In Action


Airsoft CamMan goes into action with Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun that is HPA powered and he finds it to be a good performer... "Hold onto your helmets, you’re in for a fast paced one today. We’re at BattleStations CQB and I’m using a Custom HPA M870 Breacher Shotgun."

Garand Thumb: Insane Russian 4 Gauge Shotgun


Garand Thumb tries the KS-23, a Russian-made 4 gauge shotgun which he says to be insane... "The KS-23 is well known to video game players but may be more of a mystery to the general firearm community. It's a insane concept born from a blem anti aircraft barrel. In today's video we review one of the few examples in the United States using hand loaded 4 gauge shells."

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