The Salty Old Gamer With The CYMA M870 Shotgun


A well-loved tri-shot springer shotgun, the CYMA M870 airsoft shotgun gets reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer... "Taking a look at the CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun, aka the CYMA CM.351. It's spring powered, but has a great reputation. Let's see if it lives up to it."

Airsoft GI: Budget Shotgun & Sniper Loadout


Another challenge for Boaz and Cisco of Airsoft GI and they need to build a budget shotgun and sniper loadouts... "Kevin decided to challenge Boaz and Cisco to a Budget Loadout! This time they were required to use a sniper rifle or shotgun! With a budget of $250, will they be able to build a complete loadout including a gun? Find out on this episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!!

Umm... I mean Airsoft GI. Comment below your favorite DBZ Character if you actually read this! You are the real MVP!"

CYMA CM.356 Tactical Airsoft Shotgun Unboxing


Clive Dandridge unboxes the CYMA CM.356 Tactical Airsoft Shotgun. Available in ABS or metal versions, this is the usual tri-shot airsoft pump action springer shotgun based on the older Marui shotgun tech. It comes with a 30-BB round shell and a speedloader... "Unboxing and shooting test my a new trishot shotgun from cyma. This is a new product line from CYMA and today unbox and shoot this bad boy!"

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Shotgun Review


BB-Ballistics doess a review of the Golden Eagle M870 gas powered airsoft shotgun, and includes shooting tests as well. Will it give the Tokyo Marui M870 gas airsoft shotgun a run for its money? Find out in the video... "This beautiful M870 Gas powered Airsoft Shotgun is a solid bit of kit! Join us as we review this M870 and put some rounds down range..."

BB2K Airsoft: S&T M1887 Shell Ejecting Terminator Shotgun


Bruce is back for another BB2K Airsoft video and he does an unboxing video of the S&T M1887 Shell Ejecting Terminator Shotgun. Should be good for your Terminator impression and spout all these famous Terminator lines. The S&T M1887 Shell Ejecting Shotgun is based on the lever-action Winchester Model 1887 shotgun that was produced in 1887-1899 as the M1887 and as the Model 1901 from 1901-1920.

Streamlight TL-Tracker Shotgun Forend Light


Looking for a weaponlight for your shotgun? Here is the TL-Tracker Shotgun Forend Light from Streamlight... "You asked — and again — we listened! The TL-Racker has opened up a whole new weapon light category for us — an all-in-one integrated shotgun forend light. It features a sleek design that eliminates the need for remote cords so it reduces snag hazards. Ideal for shotgun breaching, close quarter operations or elevating your home defense options.

Gel Blaster Underbarrel Shotgun Review


Gel Blaster guns now got a Launcher! In this video, TacToys of Australia reviews the Gel Blaser Underbarrel shotgun which is shaped like an EGLM. So is it Gel Blaster Shotgun or is it a Gel Blaster Gel Shower Launcher? Hmmm... "In this video, we do a quick overview on the Gel Blaster Underbarrel Shotgun that has just been released!"

Gunfire Instant Airsoft Video: Golden Eagle 8875 Shotgun


Another instant video from Gunfire, giving us a quick glance at the features of the Golden Eagle 8875 airsoft shotgun... "8875 replicas manufactured by Golden Eagle are realistic airsoft shotguns working in pump-action system. Powered by green gas and dummy shells, which holds 28 BB’s each. The use of 3 internal barrels makes Golden Eagle shotguns very effective weapon during CQB skirmishes and more."

Alpha King Shotgun M870 Gel Blaster


We've seen some AEG-types of Gel Blasters, now there is a Gel Blaster Shotgun based on the M870 made by Alpha King. Tactical Edge Hobbies takes a look at this as this is an option for those who want to play airsoft but it is not legal inn their countries... "Okay here is a Shogun Gel Blaster that is a MUST HAVE! Gilly will show you how great this Blaster truly is. Enjoy!"

3D Printed Shell Side Saddle


Cool Hobby shows a 3D Print shell Side Saddle for AKA M870 Gel Blaster that can also be used with M870 airsoft shotguns. Too bad they didn't provide the files to download so you can do it if you have access to a 3D printer. If you have 3D printing ideas for airsoft, we would like to hear from you.

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