Happy Halloween!

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I guess this is an international holiday for airsoft zombies, and we have a long weekend for us to seek them out and pepper then with BBs (they ain't humans, are they?).

Ratratan 2008 "B.O.L.O." Philippine Selection (Update 3)


We are getting enquiries for the Rapier 01 and Kami Wars from interested teams from around the world. As we have indicated previously, major announcements will be made on the start of 20­09 containing venue, date, and other information that will be needed by participating teams and players.

Popular Airsoft Hosting Upgrades Ongoing


Our hosting provider is making upgrades to their system to improve load balancing but our database connection is decaying sometimes.  We're now experiencing some outages so that our website cannot be viewed from time to time. So much for cloud hosting. Our apologies for those who have visited the site and finding it offline this week.

Philippines to Host 1st World Airsoft Challenge and Gathering in 2009


The Philippines will play host to the 1st World Airsoft Challenge, spearheaded by Popular Airsoft, in cooperation with US-based FilForce Airsoft Team, and Hammerheads from the Philippines.

Get the Chance to Meet Tazo Kobayashi in Paris

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You might wonder who the hell is Tazo Kobayashi. He's more well known as Tanio Kobayashi, the venerable airsoft inventor, and owner of Tanio Koba. His name is well respected among airsoft players who started early on, circa 1980s.

Blowback Rifles Get Mature

Gungho Cowboy

­More and more airsoft manufacturers from the Far East are getting into the market, with mainly copies of the Tokyo Marui technology design features in these. So, it's getting to be a crowded market out there that it's even getting harder to differentiate each offering from the other.

RedWolf Airsoft VFC AK-105 Review


It is most often a sign of success, when a very small amount of modifications are made to an existing design when time passes. The Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 is a prime example of this, having recently reached the age of 60 years.



A look at the SWAT Airsofters Philippines, all in a day's work for these guys. Photos are provided by Ogre and thanks to Shaq for the Abu Ghraib CQB site --- “Shots fired! Shots fired! There’s a 2-11 in progress. Officer down. Suspect is armed and dangerous...” Familiar lines?

FCS DELTA-ALPHA (Team Dark Angel)


If you think your team is on top of the world having survived and won at Elektrowerkz, think again. If you survive an encounter with the DA’s playing as a full team at their home site, then you can proudly say to the world that your team is comprised of CQC artists.

2008 Online Airsoft Retailer Satisfaction Survey


As promised, we're coming out with another survey, and this time it is our annual Online Airsoft Satisfaction Survey. We will be comparing results from the 2007 Online Airsoft Satisfaction survey which you can read here.

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