A Guide to Building Your Own SIG-556 AEG


My need for a SIG-556 AEG started at the moment I first laid my eyes on those amazing pictures taken at this year's Las Vegas Shot Show. I always found the SIG line-up pretty interesting, but the airsoft versions were not convincing enough for me, until one day I saw a post on one of the airsoft news sites.

The Airsoft Mask Face-Off: Sykes vs. HFC22


You’ve seen the Sykes mask in our previous magazine issue, here’s a meaner and tougher test. I pretty much put it through the wringer, at least from this corner of the globe. And I compared it to another competitor, the HFC22 mask (inspired from EA Games’ Army of Two), also made in the Philippines.

Heart Transplant / Installing a High Torque Gearbox


Disclaimer: This is not recommended for players in countries that have lower legal fps limits. You may have to downgrade the spring in doing this DIY. Do this at your own risk. Did you ever wanted a sniper-like weapon without buying a gas or spring rifle you don’t know anything about?

Photos for Airsoft Reviews? Here's how...


Taking photos for a review isn’t so difficult. I find it not so different from product photography, in a sense, and you are after all trying to sell an idea.  Let’s see if we can help you improve on how you take photos if you intend to submit a review to any airsoft forum or publication (like Popular Airsoft).

RedWolf Airsoft Review: ECHO1 M134 Minigun by CAW


When looking at the modern externally powered Gatling guns with a blistering rate of fire of thousands of rounds per minute, it is easy to forget that in fact the very first machine guns used a similar feeding mechanism and a set of rotating barrels - only they were first cranked by hand instead of an electric or pneumatic motor.

W.A.R. Submissions Extended

Master Chief

Those who have emailed me asking for an extension of the W.A.R. Project may now have a good reason to rejoice.

Popular Airsoft Magazine Volume 1 Issue 8 Released (Finally!)


Red October as a our cover story looks into the recent past (post World War II) history and present situations of these states.

System Maintenance Advisory (Updated)


Our hosting provider will be performing priority maintenance to our hosting such as database and storage units this Wednesday evening.  The maintenance window has been scheduled from 11:00pm CST on Wednesday, November 12, to 3:00am CST on Thursday, November 13.

Outcasts Win Thunderstrike

Gungho Cowboy

A report filed by OptimusPrime, who is recuperating after a tiring weekend. Team Outcasts from Basildon, Essex win Codename: Thunderstrike Airsoft Tournament held last 08 November 2008 at XSite Airsoft, Buckinghamshire.

Jing Gong BAR-10 Upgrade with PDI-Japan VSR-10 Parts


Bulletproofmike, ever since he has gotten his Jing Gong Bar 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, has been looking for ways to upgrade it to make it more accurate, better built, and at a higher velocity using .25BBs within the allowed limits of bolt-action rifles in the UK.

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