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The Exoskeleton From Natick & Lockheed Martin Is Part Of Future Soldiers’ Lethality

The Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, or NSRDEC, in a press release, believe the introduction of exoskeleton is powerful step toward the future of soldier lethality.  As such, it has been working with Lockheed Martin Space and Missile (LMCO) to further develop  the human augmentation system prototype (read: exoskeleton).

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Snaps Up $500 Million During Its Opening Weekend

It looks like another hit for Activision and Treyarch as the latest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, hit the half a billion dollar mark on its opening weekend. According to is press release, the  combined number of Black Ops 4 players across its three modes of play during the opening weekend beats last year’s Call of Duty: WWII, as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the same period of time. This covers the single player, multiplayer and zombies.

Do You Think You Can Pass The U.S. Army’s New Fitness Test?

Don’t look at us. We are pretty sure here at Popular Airsoft that we can carry beer bottles than carrying weights, so we are not in the best position to answer this question. But if you have been looking for a fitness regimen that you think is appropriate for meeting the challenges of Milsim, then you might want to keep a copy of the U.S. Army’s new fitness test so you can try it out and find out if you are as fit as the Army soldiers.

Proposed Replacements For The Bundeswehr G36 Rifle Fail In Tests

The ongoing program to replace the G36 rifle of the Bundeswehr (German Military) has suffered a setback.  In a report in Die Welt, that none of the proposed replacements have met fulfilled the “individual mandatory requirements” after seven months of comparative tests.

Man Pleads Guilty For Shooting Navy SEAL Trainees With A Pellet Gun

There’s one man who tried shooting at the Navy SEALs singlehandedly and who is going to live to tell the tale --- in jail. Last week, a California man pleaded guilty to shooting at trainee Navy SEALs and instrsuctors with a pellet gun, a day before his trial to start.

Discovery Channel’s “Master Of Arms” To Premiere On November 2

It will be Weapons 101 galore on Fridays 10pm, starting November 2, 2018 as Discovery Channel’s “Master of Arms” weapons making competition will finally air. Ordered last April and produced by Matador Content, the show will give us a look on how weapons makers do their craft.

Netflix “Medal Of Honor” Documentary Series To Stream On November 9

If you want watch and listen to stories of men who belong to a group admired for extraordinary feats of courage, then better subscribe to Netflix if you do not have an account yet. On November 9, 2018 the first episode of season 1 of “Medal of Honor” documentary series will be streamed online to whatever device that you use to watch Netflix.

Springfield Armory Launches The XD(M)-10 Pistol That Uses The 10mm Round

Last week, Springfield Armory unveiled the XD(M) 4.5” Match OSP Pistol that comes with standard and threaded barrels.  This week, they add another member to the XD(M) , a more powerful XD(M)-10, a new pistol that uses the 10mm round.

Finnish Police To Replace Heckler & Koch MP5s With The CZ Scorpion Evo

The reliable but rather old Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun, beloved by counter-terrorist units and police officers around the world will soon be replaced in Finland. According to news sources, the Poliisi or the Police of Finland, the MP5 will be replaced with an SMG that many airsoft players are familiar with nowadays, the CZ Scorpion EVO which is made in the Czech Republic/Czechia.

The U.S. Army Is Testing The FDM L5 Caseless Ammo Multi-Bore Rifle

Perhaps the next generation rifle for the U.S. Army may just trace its origins to a garage located in Colorado Springs. According to media reports, the U.S. Army has ordered a prototype version of the FDM L5 Caseless Rifle.