The USMC Has Started Fielding The Plate Carrier Gen III To Infantry Marines

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U.S. Marines can now go on missions with a lighter load as they the infantry units start getting to receive the Plate Carrier Gen III. This next generation plate carrier is 25% lighter than the plate carrier that the Marines are currently using. As a plate carrier, it guards against bullets and fragmentation when protective plates are added.

No Time To Try Out 3-Gun At The Range? Why Not Try The 3-Gun Nation VR?


3-Gun Nation is a growing sport and it can played with real firearms, airgun and airsoft as well. For those who are not familiar with this sport, it involves, as it name says, proficiency in shooting a rifle, pistol and shotgun and being fast at it in any given course of fire.

Sensight SSR400 Is A Smart Sight That You Can Swipe Like A Smartphone


It’s always fascinating to spot upcoming technologies that can be used with firearms at the SHOT Show and the keyword nowadays is “Smart” or “Intelligent.”  For SHOT Show 2019, we reported about the T-Worx Intelligent Rail and for this weekend, it’s about a “Smart” sight.

For this generation of swiping, smartphone crazy users, an Israeli company has developed what is says to be the “most powerful sight system in the world.”

Flux Brace: A Pistol Brace For Glocks That Can Be Holstered

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If you want a more stable platform with your pistol, the first thing that gets to your mind is get a carbine conversion kit such as the RONI or the HERA 1911. They do turn your Glock or 1911 into a mini carbine that you can attach weapons accessories with. But then it is not a pistol that you can holster anymore after using it.

A High Tech Glock? No, That’s The Radetec RISC Glock Counter

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Radetec has been developing LED or LCD counters for firearms for several years now. The company, which is based in Zaragosa, Spain, released a counter for the 1911 pistol a few years back, and have kept on developing more counters since then.  The Glock Counter, or called the Radetec Inertial Shooting Counter  (RISC), which is getting more attention since the SHOT Show 2019, is already 3 years old, having first revealed by Radetec in 2016.

We Are Now In The Final Week Of Voting! Cast Your Votes Now!


These is the final week of the Voting Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. This means that in the next seven days, the finaliststs will have to do their utmost efforts to get the votes out for their categories. This is their last week to make their case why readers of Popular Airsoft  and the general airsoft playing communities should vote for them.

If you want to vote now, you can do so immediately by clicking on the button below:

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