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Doctors Warn That Nerf Guns Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries

There you go, another warning about playing with toy guns that fire projectiles. Doctors are warning Nerf gun users better take precautions in protecting their eyes when playing which looks like a tame game. Doctors from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London are calling for the use of eye protection.

Thales Introduces The New Generation F90MBR Bullpup Assault Rifle

With the conclusion of the DSEI 2017 at the Excel in London, one firearm has gotten our attention --- the F90MBR Bullpup Rifle. Announced by Thales during the show, this is an update of the F90 bullpup rifle, which is the export version of the Australian EF88 Rifle made by Lithgow Arms, whose parent company is Thales Australia. The EF88 Austeyr rifle itself is a licensed version of the Steyr Aug made by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria (at least I got the countries right as other people usually interchange these countries) though it has a lot of distinct upgrades.

Battlefield 1942 Is Getting Remastered To 4K By A Modder

EA are having a field day with their Battlefield 1 game and with the upcoming release of the Call of Duty: WW2, some Battlefield fans are looking to a Battlefield World War 2 theme too. But so far, there is no news of a Battlefield World War 2 theme even if the video game franchise started as PC and OS X game in 2002 with Battlefield 1942, which of course is a World War 2 based video game.

Forces Of Freedom Tournament At The National Airsoft Festival 2017

The airsoft community is one base that the video gaming industry can always rely on, especially for shooter games. The biggest video game titles apart from Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda have always been shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, and in these game franchises, they can count on many airsoft players help improve their sales.

The Aftermath Of War Zone 5 "The Green Zone"

War Zone is probably the largest international airsoft milsim event in Southeastern Europe and takes place on the island of Crete, Greece. On the 12th to the 14th of May of this year, more than 250 airsoft players gathered in Crete to feel the unique emotions that War Zone 5 “The Green Zone” produced nonstop for 3 days. An event full of action which focused on milsim engagements combined with lots of LARP!


Man Shoots LA County Sheriff Deputies With Airsoft Gun, Man Dies

In an actual exchange of shots by those with airsoft guns against those with real guns, it will always be a lopsided battle. The ones with real guns win, all the time. Everybody knows that. We always say in the airsoft community that it is absolutely no use intimidating anyone in public with an airsoft gun, or even just displaying airsoft guns in full public view as it can lead to serious injuries and deaths when police are called to the scene.

Will This Be Made Into The Next Airsoft Shotgun? We Sure Hope So

This decade has been good to airsoft shotguns. Always an afterthought in the purchasing decisions of airsoft players, airsoft shotguns were mainly more of a novelty rather than something serious for airsoft players to use in the field in the past. But this decade, we have seen the airsoft shotgun from the lowly springer airsoft gun into something that can bring serious firepower into any airsoft gun. Thanks to two companies that have led the charge into improving airsoft shotguns.

Sony Unveils The RX0, An Action Camera That Is Not An Action Camera

At the end of August 2017, Sony announce the RX0, a camera with good specifications that is in the form factor of an action camera.  Whilst many of us would want the Sony RX0 an action camera, Sony would rather call it “a new type of camera” with “entirely new imaging possibilities.”

Femme Fatale Airsoft Spills The Beans On Making Money From Your Passion

One of the best things in life is when you are able to make a living with the thing you love to do most. It is usually a hobby for most of us and having a hobby is an expense that does not always give your investment back and the return is usually not measured materially but in terms of satisfaction and well-being.

The Dutch Open 2017 International Practical Shooting Event 11-12 November

Another exciting event in airsoft practical shooting is soon to take place again late this year. The Dutch Open 2017 will take place on the 11th to the 12th of November at the NABV National Airsoft Centre in Geldermalsen. The competition will finally take place at the home of Dutch airsoft, moving from the Papendal National Sports Centrum in Arnhem where it was held in the past two years.