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One Grunt's Opinion On Clones: "Where Do We Draw The Line?"

Airsoft replicas. It’s in the words that define most anything we may use in the hobby. Replica guns, replica gear, replica optics, replica uniform and so on. How do you draw the line on anger of a replica issue in a world in which everything is rooted in clones or knock offs? When does it make sense to be upset and when is it just an acceptable norm? No one is innocent and everyone has fed the clone/knockoff industry. So we need to find a line that’s logical given the reality of the world we live in.

Did BO Manufacture End The MTO Phantom Magnetic Airsoft Rifle Project?

We have been wondering what happened to the MTO Phantom that BO Dynamics almost announced two years ago. The MTO Phantom is vaunted to have a dynamic airflow with 97% power efficiency and battery consumption down to 90% making it the most power efficient airsoft tech.  Plus, it has excellent trigger response and a guarantee that it can fire a million BB rounds.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Reveals New Desert Map Screenshots

The latest online multiplayer game that airsofters are absorbed with when not playing airsoft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is about to get a new set of maps set in the desert. NVIDIA reported about the new maps in a news article at their website.

Get Ready To Do Robot Battles With The GEIO Battle Bots

Perhaps you are still ruing with disappointment that the much anticipated Giant Robot much was more of a letdown rather than point the future of robot fighting. If you are, why not do some robot battles yourself without breaking the bank? You might just get the opportunity to do it albeit you will have to make do with tiny battle bots.

This War Of Mine Gets A New DLC Series Starting With “Father’s Promise”

Many video games with war themes revolve around the story of a soldier as he goes on shooting the bad guys. That’s always a sure-fire formula and will remain that way. But in 2014, the gaming industry got its first war-themed game in which it is seen through the eyes of those who are trying to survive, mainly the non-combatants caught up in war.

The U.S. Marines Adopting The Glock 19M As The M007 For Their Secret Agents

Finally, Glock has gotten somne good news in the U.S. Military after not getting the contract from the U.S. Army for the Modular Handgun System (MHS). Their Glock 19M pistol has been finally adopted  by the U.S. Marine Corps and being given the designation as the M007.

Type 89 GBB, MTR16, M45A1 CQB, & Scorpion Mod M At The 4th Tokyo Marui Festival

Tokyo Marui just concluded their 4th Tokyo Marui Festival, their event where they introduce airsoft to the curious and beginners as well as delight their loyal customers with the new releases. Many have been waiting what the company will be releasing in the following months and so far they did not disappoint.

The MASADA Is Back As A Pistol Line From Israel Weapon Industries

Hot on the heels of the launch of the new 7.62mm Tavor Bullpup Rifle, the Tavor 7 AR, Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) also launched their Masada Striker-Fired Pistol Series. IWI Masada Pistol Series is aimed at the for military, law enforcement and civilian markets, with the first model being a full-size 9mm handgun that will be available by the first quarter of 2018 and will be exhibited at Defense and Security Thailand, Milipol (Paris) France, and Expodefensa Colombia.

Find Out All The Heroes In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 With This Video

Bear with us if you are not a Star Wars fan, but be prepared when this Holiday season will be full of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi marketing as the Disney marketing juggernaut goes full crescendo. We really do not mind at all, for many of our readers grew up with Star Wars, watching the latest episode for Christmas is already a holiday gift for them.

Fun In Japan: The Krytac Owners’ Meeting Volume 2 Hosted By Laylax

Everybody had a blast during the Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 2. Owners of Krytac AEGs converged at the Tokyo Sabage Park in Chiba Prefecture last 4-5 November 2017where they had a meet and greet, compared their Krytac airsoft guns and meet the Krytac-KRISS crew represented by Tim Seargeant and Allen Lau; the Founder and CEO of RedWolf Airsoft, Paul Chu; and the Evike Chang, the CEO of