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Sensight SSR400 Is A Smart Sight That You Can Swipe Like A Smartphone

Sensight SSR400

It’s always fascinating to spot upcoming technologies that can be used with firearms at the SHOT Show and the keyword nowadays is “Smart” or “Intelligent.”  For SHOT Show 2019, we reported about the T-Worx Intelligent Rail and for this weekend, it’s about a “Smart” sight.

For this generation of swiping, smartphone crazy users, an Israeli company has developed what is says to be the “most powerful sight system in the world.”

The Sensight SSR400 is a next-generation digital rifle sight that smartphone users or even gamers can be familiar with as compared to traditional shooters or hunters due to its features such as a wide viewscreen and touch-screen operation. It has a 1.3-20x zoom capability and has a trademarked “Eye-Relief-Free” display. The display allows the shooter to have both eyes while zooming the sight.

It has dual cameras that can provide up to 20x magnification, 1080P recording, and low-light sighting capability. This gives a hi-resolution image in daylight and even in low-light conditions. With the touchscreen, the shooter can swipe the magnification at 3x, 5x, 8x, 12x, 16x and 20x with the reticle type selectable from the screen.

Being a digital-smartphone style sight, it has connectivity features too with Wifi allowing you to stream from the Sensight to your iPhone or Android phone and shared on social media. It also has ballistic calculator, 3D gyroscope, and GPS. It just makes me wonder if it has Snapchat and Facebook also installed so I can instantly share what the sight has captured with its cameras from it rather from my smartphone.

For now the Sensight is being marketed to recreational shooters and there is no mention if it will be promoted as suitable or military use. Interested shooters or hunters can signify their interest to order one at the Sensight website, and the initial pricing is at  around US$1,000 and will be available in the Spring.