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Latin America's Biggest Airsoft Event WarZone Brazil Is Set For 15-17 November 2019

WarZone Brazil 2018 - Genesis

The organisers of the largest airsoft event in Latin America, WarZone Brazil, are now starting preparations. 2a1 Cenografia, the company behind this event, have set the event for the 15th to 17th of November 2019 in Aruja city, which is located in the state of São Paulo. Last year, it was held in September.

The event is an international one and many players in South America, especially from Argentina and Chile, will be participating in this event. If you are looking for another airsoft experience outside North America, Asia, or Europe, then we recommend WarZone Brazil as part of your airsoft bucket list.

Since it’s still many months in the future for this event, it’s time to start saving up for this event. After that, it’s party time wherever you want to go in Brazil.

We’ll let 2a1 Cenografia tell more about this event with this press release they sent us:

Biggest Latin America Airsoft Event Returns to Brazil in November
Aruja City will receive over one thousand players betwen November 15 and 17

The Warzone, the largest event of airsoft in the américas is back. The 2a1, a company specialized in solutions for scenographies and organizer of the event, has confirmed the second edition of the game betwen november 15 and 17, in Aruja city, São Paulo State.

According to the organization, there will be new features in the game, like the inclusion of a new army, thus forming four operator groups. Besides, there will be more players this time. Over one thousand operators are expected to be in the battlefield. This amount makes Warzone the largest airsoft event in américas and the third one in the world.

“We are impressed with the magnitude that Warzone has been achieving. Competitor all over américa has been confirming their presence. Plus, the 2018 edition is running for the best aisoft event in the world”, analyzes Caio Paulino, marketing manager at 2a1 scenography, company responsible for the organization of the event.

A sample of the success of the Warzone first edition was the sold out in less than four hours of the over one thousand tickets that were available for purchase on the internet. Now, The players who wish to join the game can find tickets in the physical stores only. Click here and check the licensed places for tickets purchase.

The game will take place at same location of the last year edition, in a over 3-million square metre area. Like the 2018 edition, the event will provide infrastructure and special scenarios in order to create immersive missions for player, simulating a close-to-real conflict zone. “We will provide to the player 10 combat vehicles and one helicopter for special operations, says Paulino.

The warzone is disputed in milsim mode and the players will be divided into four armies: Santa Ana, Domus Dei, Leogrado e Dolsen, each with its own history and singularity and the player are able to subscribe to the one that is more suitable for them. The four grouping will attend to the exodus mission, that features a new plot, speacially created for the event. “Altogether, there will be 44 hours of game, creative plot, military vehicles, scenographics cities, cities, so that we can get as close to reality as possible”, says Paulino.

There will also be in the event a full leisure and entertainment structutre. While participants make incursions, family members who do not want join the game are allowed to relax in the pools, have some food at the food Plaza and participate in monitored activities for children. “2ª1 supports sports in which loyalty, honor, fellowship among athletes are the premises”, adds Paulino.


Date: November 15 to 17
Place: Rua Esmeria Maria Rodrigues, S/N, Arujá – São Paulo

Important: We will not rent weaponry and clothing for Brazilians. Weapons will be made available for rental only to athletes from other countries.

About 2a1 Cenografia

With almost 2,000 activities realized all over Brazil, 2a1 is a specialist in scenography solutions of the most diverse themes. Founded in 1999, the company is nowadays one of the largest in the scenographic segment and the only one to produce end-to-end events, from the preparation of scenarios to the logistics and assembly. The company offers a full line of exhibitions, services, promotions and recreations for shopping malls. In 2015, a branch of the company was created in the Northeast, in Salvador. The 2a1 is part of the ND / C group, also owned by Dgital, Nótice and Imaginatex.