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No Time To Try Out 3-Gun At The Range? Why Not Try The 3-Gun Nation VR?

3-Gun Nation VR

3-Gun Nation is a growing sport and it can played with real firearms, airgun and airsoft as well. For those who are not familiar with this sport, it involves, as it name says, proficiency in shooting a rifle, pistol and shotgun and being fast at it in any given course of fire.

Sounds fun right? A good number of airsoft shooters who do airsoft practical pistol or Action Air, also are into 3-Gun Nation Airsoft (3GN Airsoft), to widen their practical shooting skills and they go through classifier stages and find out how they fare on courses against competitors. So far, the real firearms portion of 3-Gun is already widely competitive and 3-Gun Airsoft is having increasing following in Hong Kong, some parts of Europe and the U.S.A.

Compared to Action Air, 3GN Airsoft is more resource intensive as it requires the shooter to bring 3 guns for any 3GN shoot. Thus, expenditures is no joke given that one has to do upgrades to 3 types of airsoft guns to be able to be a competitive shooter as compared to just a pistol in Action Air. So before one has to get into 3GN Airsoft, one will need to think hard before splashing money into it.

But you can try 3-Gun in the comfort of your home before going to the range and try the real deal. 3-Gun Nation are realizing a 3-Gun Nation VR so you can try 3-Gun using your PC and VR helmet or if you are already a 3-Gun Nation shooter, practice at home with the VR contraption.

3-Gun Nation VR was developed by 3GN in cooperation with Hong Kong-based video game studio Team Bravo.  The studio had developed a practical shooting-based game known as “Drills VR.”

In an article at the 3GN website, Pete Brown, 3GN President said that, “The guys at Team B were introduced to us by Kevin Chau, our Regional Director for Asia,” They wanted to create a 3-Gun game with us that mimics the real thing, right down to our club series classification system, classifier stages, natural terrain ‘outlaw’ stages and even the man-on-man shoot-offs.”

Kevin Chau, who is a pillar in the airsoft practical shooting community in Hong Kong is also in charge of 3GN Airsoft and building a following for the discipline Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Expected to be released by the 1st of March 2019 on Steam, 3-Gun Nation VR includes embedded videos and resources that can guide shooters the baseline of what real 3-Gun competition is like.

“Nothing can replace real firearm training and safety, however if we can push a fraction the game users to get real training, the technology can only help us grow and create new shooters,” adds Brown.

Using the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms, 3-Gun VR will require Windows 10, a minimum of 8GB RAM, 2GB Disk Space, and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. It’s also expensive given the costs of the VR helmets are not what you call to be affordable, but at least you can also play other VR games with them.