Lancer Tactical SPR Flash Hider Removal & Tracer Mounting


Strike Ops got another video to help you remove the Flash Hider from the Lancer Tactical SPR AEG so you can use the thread to mount a tracer unit... "Today We Take A Lancer Tactical SPR And Remove The Flash Hider To Reveal The 14MM Threads. Then We Add Our ITracer Unit For Some Night Play!"

Best Airsoft Rifle Under $200?


Is the Lancer Tactical SPR AEG the best airsoft rifle you can get for under US$200? Strike Ops has a provided a video to confirm or not... "Been using this Lancer Tactical SPR in quite a few games over the laast few months. How has it held up? What do we think of it? Make sure you guys watch to find out."

Lancer Tactical LT-20 M82 Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Well, this looks like a nice name for a YouTube Channel. efde90gc's Airsoft Channel does a review of the Lancer Tactical LT-20 Spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle. If you want to punish yourself carrying a big airoft gun to the field and look good, this is the righ candidate for you as it is based on the Barrett M82 sniper rifle... "Hi, welcome back to another review vid! this time im gonna review the Lancer Tactical LT-20!"

Lancer Tactical LT-1212 Gen 2 EVO Paint Job


Sae What Productions does a breakdown and puts a new paint scheme on the Lancer Tactical LT-1212 Gen 2 EVO... "Always use a high-quality respirator spray paint mask when spray painting! Also please don't use this video as a reference when taking apart your M4 airsoft....I skipped alot of steps to make this vid short and entertaining."

The Real Blitz With The Lancer Tactical LT-20B


The Real Blitz reviews the Lancer Tactical LT-20B. Based on the Barrett M82 rifle, this is made of high strength injection molded polymer construction to help keep its weight lower and also make it affordable. This is a spring powered airsoft rifle, which at every shot, the bolt has to be pulled back. As for its weight, it is a 6.75lbs.

Lancer Tactical Distributed RPG-7 Quick Look


"An Airsoft RPG that actually fires like an RPG," that's how the Brain Exploder describes the Lancer Tactical RPG-7 for airsoft use in this overview video... "An exclusive look at the Lancer Tactical Distributed RPG-7. This thing is unique in that it functions almost identical to the real thing even down to having an optional explosive warhead that is activated on impact and blows up a plastic shell with pressure much like a Thunder B.

Airsoftology At Lancer Tactical SHOT Show 2020 Booth


We get to see the HPA-powered MK19 Grenade Launcher that is made to order from Lancer Tactical in this video by Airsoftology taken from the SHOT Show 2020. Whilst it does look like an airsoft MK19 from the outside, the 40mm grenade shells are props rather than being fed for full auto BB shower spectacle. Also featured in the video is an airsoft Mosin-Nagant.

Airsoft Mike: Lancer Tactical LT-33 Gen 2


Airsoft Mike does another unboxing and quick review of an the proline Night Wing Gen 2 (LT-33) AEG from Lancer Tactical... "Lancer Tactical has finally landed at the Airsoft Mike HQ! Join me as I unbox and test this futuristic LT-33 model! Thanks to SWIT AIRSOFT for supplying this primary."

Jack Reviews The Lancer Tactical LT-19


JackAttack io reviews the Lancer Tactical LT-19 AEG on the final day of 2019... "This is my review on Lancer Tactical's LT-19Y (Grey), as well as my personal opinion on some of it's features. Apologies for not uploading in a while, school and the holidays have populated my schedule. See you next year and like and subscribe! (Also, go to The Madlads channel, its a new band I'm part of.)

-JackAttack io"

Lancer Tactical M4 SD ETU MOSFET Review


Geonox Airsoft checks out the Lancer Tactical M4 SD ETU MOSFET if it is up there with other AEGs from other brands that have similar features. Video is in German... "Here I introduce the Lancer Tactical M4 SD with ETU, Mosfet and spring quick change system. The ETU protects you from jams. The mosfet spares the internals. And with the spring quick change system you can adjust your energy. I'll show you the highlights and what I like about it. Although I recommend a Lipo, the Sparfüchse will be particularly happy.

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