CQB Gameplay With The Lancer Tactical M4 AEG


TSP, The Shooting Pyro, tries the Lancer Tactical M4 AEG in a CQB game in the Netherlands... "Ow we had some fun right here at Lets Paintball some really nice CQB lovely weather great field and great game mode Headquarters!! just one word! AMAZING! well i will say to you guy's enjoy the video ;-)."

Lancer Tactical M4: Perfect For Beginners


That's what TSP, TheSHootingPyro, says about the Lancer Tactical M4 AEG as it is cheap for starting airsofters to get... "Are you looking for a good starter m4 airsoft replica? well this lancer tactical is something for you! Cheap, lightweight, easy to handle, easy to repair, perfect for beginner!"

Timerzanov Airsoft: Lancer Tactical LT-33 Enforcer Night Wing Gen2


What are the improvements with the second generation LT-33 Enforcer Nightwing AEG from Lancer Tactical? Timerzanov Airsoft does a video review to find out... "Hi all! Today I am offering you a long aeg replica, it is the LT-33 Enforcer Night Wing generation 2 from Lancer Tactical! Good viewing ! Lancer Tactical is a brand offering AEG type M4 airsoft replicas with a value for money hardly matched.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 LT-29 Enforcer Test


c7viper! got the Lancer Tactical Airsoft Gen 2 LT-29 Enforcer AEG to put it to a test. If you're looking at this AEG to purchase, watching this video can help you in making that purchase decision... "Today is the first of many videos putting Lancer Tactical to the test. Will it hold up or will it be a paper weight?

Leave me more testing method suggestions!"

Geonox Airsoft: Lancer Tactical Strident Hybrid 10" AEG


Interested in what a Hybrid AEG is? Watch this video review by Geonox Airsoft as he goes over the Lancer Tactical Strident Hybrid 10" AEG (in German)... "In this video I show you the Lancer Tactical Strident Hybrid. Lancer Tactical has brought out rifles with a very good price/performance ratio with the Gen 2 models. I play the SD and Evo myself. I have  already have a few games under my belt, including Dark Emergency and it has never let me down.

Lancer Tactical Proline Gen 2 AK-74 Series


Fox Airsoft features the Lancer Tactical Proline Gen 2 AK-74 AEG series that they have available... "Lancer Tactical introduces an updated version of their full metal AK lineup with Generation 2 improvements. These all have stamped steel bodies and feature a 6.03mm brass tight bore barrel, ETU electronic trigger unit, and a quick-change spring guide in a stout version 3 gearbox!"

Lancer Tactical High Speed 130 Round MidCap Mags


Take a look at these 130-round midcaps from Lancer Tactical available at Airsoft GI... "In a airsoft world where it is hard to get high quality mid cap magazines and there is no ETA in sight, Lancer Tactical decided to drop a bomb on us! Their new High Speed 130 Round Mid Cap Magazines were made to feed at a high rate of fire. We decided to put this to the test!"

Lancer Tactical AK105 At Airsoft GI


Cisco goes over the Lancer Tactical Stamp Steel AK105 AEG that is available at Airsoft GI if it can give a competition against its CYMA rival in terms of quality and affordability... "I get it! We are Lancer Tactical Shills! Get over it! Anyways, these new Lancer Tactical Stamp Steel AKs are actually really good! With all of the features, you would think this gun has a $300+ price tag!

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