Daniel Defense M4A1 vs Bulgarian AK-74


Blue Jean Operator does a comparison of an AR from Daniel Defense and Arsenal SLR-104 which is based on the Bulgarian AK-74... "Today we'll be putting my Daniel Defense M4A1 "Block II" (yes I know its not a clone correct Block II) against my buddy Tallon’s Bulgarian AK-74 (Arsenal SLR-104).

Blue Jean Operator: Kalashnikov USA KR-103


Blue Jean Operator takes a look at the Kalashnikov USA KR-103 if it is a serious rifle... "Today we'll be finally reviewing the Kalashnikov USA KR-103 (KUSA's AK-103 clone).

I've reviewed quite a few American made AK's on this channel (mainly from PSA), but finally we are going to see how one of KUSA's flagship rifles compares to what else is out there.

Like PSA, Kalashnikov USA makes their rifles completely in house, not relying on foreign made parts kits to assemble the firearm.

The GWOT Boomer Loadout


Blue Jean Operator talks about the loadout during the Global War On Terror in this episode... "Tactical gear and weapons peaked during the GWOT, no questions asked. Especially gear used by Rangers. Today I'll be going over some guns and gear that were used by the Ranger Regiment during the conflict , as well as running some drills in this iconic kit."

AK Setup For Suppressive Fire Capability


In this real world setup, Blue Jean Operator shows his AK setup that gives him the maximum suppressive fire capability instead of going for support weapons such as the RPK and PKM... "Today I'll be going over my AK setup/loadout for maximum suppressive fire capability, pushing a regular 7.62x39 AK into the role typically filled by a RPK.

"Are You Fit Enough to Do Infantry SH*T??"


A challenge by Blue Jean Operator to geardos regarding being fit enough to be an infantry grunt... "We've all seen it. Dudes on Instagram posting the latest and greatest gear, flexing on the poors with kit that would be at home in any (XYZ) SOF ready room. But how many of us are actually fit enough to effectively put any of that gear to any actual use?"

Blue Jean Operator: Crossfire DZ-Rig


Blue Jean Operator features the new belt kit, the Crossfire DZ-Rig in this video and interested customers can check online for its availability... "Today I'll be going over a new rig that I've been using, which has since replaced the Smersh as my favorite belt kit, the DZ-Rig from Crossfire.

In a previous video I stated that I'd like to try out some more modern belt kit options, as what I had previously was relegated to either the ALICE kit (for ARs), or the Smersh (for my AKs).

SomoGear PEQ-15 On Real Steel Gun


Blue Jean Operator tries the SomoGear PEQ-15 for use on real steel gun if it will hold zero... "Today I'm going over the SomoGear PEQ-15, and seeing whether or not it will hold zero on a real rifle! SomoGear is a Chinese company that makes knockoff lasers meant for use on airsoft guns, but since these are full power lasers (no civ legal limitations), it has drawn the attention of many gun owners out there.

Blue Jean Operator: Is Airsoft Actually Good for Training CQB?


What do you think? Is it really good for CQB training? Hear Blue Jean Operator out... "Today I am joined by Administrative Results to hopefully answer the question, is airsoft actually good for training CQB tactics?

I've already talked at length about some of the training takeaways you can get from airsoft and especially these 40 hour MilSim West events.

This includes how to set up your gear, communicating with a team, and the different principles of SUT.

Blue Jean Operator: "Sh*t Gun Guys Say..in Airsoft!"


There are still some real steel shooters that got something to say against airsoft and Blue Jean Operator talks about this in this episode... "With airsoft becoming more popular within the gun community, mostly due to it being a cheap way for training force on force, you'll run into quite a few characters that might differ from your typical airsoft enthusiast.

Today I'm joined by Administrative Results to bring you  all 'Shit Gun Guys Say.. in Airsoft'."


Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier


Blue Jean Operator reviews what he says to be the most popular plate carrier in the world, the Warrior Assault Systems DCS... "Today we're going to be going over the Warrior Assault Systems DCS. A plate carrier used world over, making it quite possibly one of the most popular plate carriers currently being used.

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