SomoGear PEQ-15 On Real Steel Gun


Blue Jean Operator tries the SomoGear PEQ-15 for use on real steel gun if it will hold zero... "Today I'm going over the SomoGear PEQ-15, and seeing whether or not it will hold zero on a real rifle! SomoGear is a Chinese company that makes knockoff lasers meant for use on airsoft guns, but since these are full power lasers (no civ legal limitations), it has drawn the attention of many gun owners out there.

Blue Jean Operator: Is Airsoft Actually Good for Training CQB?


What do you think? Is it really good for CQB training? Hear Blue Jean Operator out... "Today I am joined by Administrative Results to hopefully answer the question, is airsoft actually good for training CQB tactics?

I've already talked at length about some of the training takeaways you can get from airsoft and especially these 40 hour MilSim West events.

This includes how to set up your gear, communicating with a team, and the different principles of SUT.

Blue Jean Operator: "Sh*t Gun Guys Airsoft!"


There are still some real steel shooters that got something to say against airsoft and Blue Jean Operator talks about this in this episode... "With airsoft becoming more popular within the gun community, mostly due to it being a cheap way for training force on force, you'll run into quite a few characters that might differ from your typical airsoft enthusiast.

Today I'm joined by Administrative Results to bring you  all 'Shit Gun Guys Say.. in Airsoft'."


Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier


Blue Jean Operator reviews what he says to be the most popular plate carrier in the world, the Warrior Assault Systems DCS... "Today we're going to be going over the Warrior Assault Systems DCS. A plate carrier used world over, making it quite possibly one of the most popular plate carriers currently being used.

Wartech TV-110 "The TV Rig"


Blue Jean Operator starts his series called "The Gear of Tarkov" which are based on gear see on "Escape from Tarkov"... "In this series I'll be cloning various pieces of kit available in-game, and running it at both the range and at some airsoft games to see if how the game developers set up the kit for your poor PMC, is actually good or not.

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