SomoGear PEQ-15 On Real Steel Gun


Blue Jean Operator SomoGear PEQ-15 On Real Steel Gun

Blue Jean Operator tries the SomoGear PEQ-15 for use on real steel gun if it will hold zero... "Today I'm going over the SomoGear PEQ-15, and seeing whether or not it will hold zero on a real rifle! SomoGear is a Chinese company that makes knockoff lasers meant for use on airsoft guns, but since these are full power lasers (no civ legal limitations), it has drawn the attention of many gun owners out there.

There is a lot of lore surrounding these devices on whether or not they will hold zero on a real firearm, with many stating that they do, and an equal amount saying that they don't.

Today I'll try to get to the bottom of this, and see whether or not this full power airsoft laser can hold zero on a real gun.


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