Metal Saber: SOMOGear PEQ15 vs NGAL


In the airsoft market, SOMOGear is renowned for its high-quality replicas of various aiming devices. Metal Saber's comparison of the company's PEQ15 and NGAL replicas reveals key differences. While both are effective laser devices for airsoft, the NGAL stands out with superior laser technology, a brighter visible laser, a more efficient illuminator, and a smaller, lighter design.

SomoGear PEQ-15 On Real Steel Gun


Blue Jean Operator tries the SomoGear PEQ-15 for use on real steel gun if it will hold zero... "Today I'm going over the SomoGear PEQ-15, and seeing whether or not it will hold zero on a real rifle! SomoGear is a Chinese company that makes knockoff lasers meant for use on airsoft guns, but since these are full power lasers (no civ legal limitations), it has drawn the attention of many gun owners out there.

SomoGear PEQ-16B IR-DL Mode


Alonso Wu demonstrates the IR diode they addded to the SomoGear PEQ-16B IR-DL. This aiming device has a visible laser, IR Laser, and flashlight with  fully Zeroable Aiming Laser. It has a Crane Connector, eye-safe power and is compatible with most nigh vision devices... "It is low power version without IR illuminator, so we add an IR diode, let’s see how it works!"

"Airsoft PEQ15 Beats A Real One"


Brass Facts finds the SOMOGear PEQ15 for airsoft is a good one. Find out why in this video... "Finally putting  this video  out. The Somogear PEQq15. While not something I'd personally put on a primary rifle, it certainly is  something that  should make Steiner/L3 sweat.

SOMOGEAR NGAL Replica Review


SAT&Gaming Airsoft goes over the NGAL replica for airsoft use made by SOMOGEAR... "Still talking about SOMOGEAR, today we look at the NGAL model which has some differences compared to the PEQ 15 that we have already seen. You can find the PEQ at SAS Modellismo in Milan."

Nonocat Reviews The Somogear PEQ15 UHP


Our favourite Kiwi got one of her latest reviews up. Nonocat goes over the Somogear PEQ15 UHP IR Laser & Illuminator Device in this video... "You've seen the unboxing, let's get into the finer details of the very high powered, Somogear PEQ15 UHP IR Laser & Illuminator Device!

SOMOGear NGAL Replica Coming Soon


SOMOGear will be releasing their Next Generation Aiming Laser (NGAL) Device replica next month. This is based on the NGAL developed by L3 Technologies and the real deal costs US$3,999.00 and subject to U.S. ITAR... "The NGAL Aiming Laser goes on sale on March 2020, now accept reservation. CNC Aluminum Material, Perfect Quality!


SomoGear Dummy PVS-21 NVG


SomoGear demo their dummy PVS-21 NVG. They have a version with the lens having an NVG light effect... "Constructed of durable nylon polymer to withstand impact on the field, it is compatible with NVG Helmet shrouds to enhance your airsoft loadout. It is a great addition for MilSim and training loadouts. This copy dummy design sports realistic knobs and markings. Your best choice of non-functional tactical gear."

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