L'Antre Du Dingo: T238 RGB & Burst Tracer Unit


The RGB rainbow burst and tracer unit from T238 gets reviewed by L'Antre Du Dingo. The Rainbow Burst+ is a tracer unit for airsoft shotguns that lights up BBs with special effects and simulates gunfire colors. It works with regular BBs too, and fits most airsoft shotguns and blasters.

Acetech Blaster AK Tracer Demo


Acetech put out video demonstrating a light show with the Blaster AK Tracer by Jeff The Kid. This device, compatible with airsoft AKs, uses bright LEDs to simulate a muzzle flash and illuminate tracer BBs, all while being weatherproof, shake-activated for easy use, and delivering impressive brightness.

Mach Sakai's AK Blaster Tracer Muzzle Flash Review


AK airsoft enthusiasts rejoice! The AK Blaster Tracer Muzzle Flash promises realistic flash-hider aesthetics and immersive gameplay. As reviewed by Mach Sakai, this device boasts 4 tracer modes, FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications, an IP64 water resistance rating, and compatibility with standard, green tracer, and even gel BBs. Measuring 97.5mm long and 32.4mm wide, it seamlessly installs on most AKs with its standard 14mm (-) ccw thread.

Crappy Things Happen In Night Airsoft


The 4UAD Smart Airsoft video showcases the fun experience of playing airsoft at night, which can often be twice as enjoyable as daytime games. To enhance the fun, various tracer units are tested. The video includes several segments: ‘The CrappyThing 1’, ‘The CrappyThing 2’, ‘Grenade Tracer Scenes’, ‘The Crappy Thing 3’, ‘Rhino’, and ‘Behind the Scenes’. It also features a series on Acetech Tracer Units, including ‘Bifrost BT’, ‘Predator X’, ‘AK tracer unit’, and the ‘Genesis unit’ equipped with Gunlight.

Eshooter FLARE M BT Review By BB2K Airsoft


Eshooter expands product line to tracer units and muzzle flash generators and Bruce of BB2K Airsoft checks the Eshooter FLARE M BT in this video... "The Eshooter FLARE M BT is a small and compact tracer that, in addition to Flame, also includes a chronograph. Everything can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth with your smartphone."

Eshooter Flare M BT Tracer Unit Review


Timerzanov Airsoft does an unboxing and test of the Eshooter Flare M BT Tracer Unit... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you an unboxing and presentation video of the very latest tracer module from the manufacturer @eshooter_tech. More precisely the Flare M BT. A small tracer that also has a flame effect and chronograph function.

This tracker can also be controlled via a Bluetooth application on IOS and Android. In short, settle in and enjoy the video everyone!

T238 Nano Tracer Unboxing & Test


A quick unboxing and test video by The Dragon Keeper 90 of the T238 Nano Tracer unit for airsoft use. The T238 Nano tracer, the smallest tracer currently available from the T238 brand, is made of lightweight carbon fiber and available in multiple colors. It boasts an impressive 15,000-shot battery life and features a standard 14mm CCW thread with an included 11mm CW adapter for broader compatibility.

Blades & Triggers: Brand New HDR & HDX Upgrades


Some new tracer units available at Blades and Triggers which they show you in this video... "Elevate your shooting experience with the UV Tracer unit, featuring an additional muzzle flash simulation that enhances realism.

Explore the latest video showcasing Umarex's newly launched Ytracer units – the perfect upgrades for your HDX and HDR. Upgrade your shooting game and discover a new level of performance!"

MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer Review


BB2K Airsoft checks the MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer which is a 3-in-1 muzzle device for airsoft use... "Today I'm introducing you to the MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer, the latest generation of tracers. In addition to the classic tracer and muzzle flash effect, the Martina has a smoke unit. In combination with the LEDs, this built-in smoke machine creates an epic effect. Not only GBBs but also AEGs and SPRINGERs can now enjoy a fireball. Have fun with my Tracer Airsoft Review.

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