More Asuka Civilian Vest Colours


As promsed by Tomo, additional colours for the Asuka Sewing Factory Civilian Vests are now available for purchase via their Kabuto Online Store... "Dear Sir, If you have an interest,please introduce new arrival items on your news!

Contour GPS Helmet Camera Available


The Contour GPS Helmet HD Camera is now available for US$349.99 for those who are interested. You can get it from Helmet Camera Central... "Add an entire new layer to your storytelling.

SOCOM Gear Noveske N4 7" RAS AEG


It is now available to those waiting for something like this to come out. Just check the SOCOM Gear page for more information...

Czech ZB26 Light Machine Gun


RedWolf Airsoft have posted photos of a prototype or a pre-production version of the Czech ZB26 light machine gun.

KWA KZ75 NS2 Gas Blowback Pistol


You can get the KWA KZ75 NS2 gas blowback airsoft pistol at Airsoft World for £129.95... "Uniquely the slide runs inside the frame, making this an exceptionally accurate pistol.

More on the Militia and Civilian Vests


More information sent in by Tomo on the Asuka Sewing Factory militia and civilian vests that are available via their Kabuto Online Shop... "Today we update information of Civilian Vest /Coyote Brown & Militia Vest /BK.

GFC PCCP Cold Weather Set


With the cold season fast setting in, Gunfire Poland help you get warm with this PCCP Cold Weather Set. You get 4 items with one price...

Vanaras 446MHz PRR 2-Set Package


Why get a just a single set of the Vanaras PRR when you've got no one to talk to? So came up with a 2-set package promotion for the cost of US$188.99.

WE G39 GBB-Rs at Airsoft Panda


If you have had enough of the WE G39C gas blowback rifle news, here's a modified one, Airsoft Panda now has in stock a G36K replica which is called as G39C with scope (could've been called G39K) for those who prefer the carry handle with scope with

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