VFC/Cybergun Colt URG-I GBB Rifle At Redmantoys


Redmantoys VFC/Cybergun Colt URGI GBB Rifle

An overview video by Redmantoys Airsoft in the Philippines about the Cybergun Colt URG-I GBB made by VFC. The VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR is built under USASOC “upper receiver group-improved” military issue setting, making its appearance more realistic and qualified. It uses MK 16 type 9.3" / 13.5" M-LOK Rails with USASOC military issue 10.3"/14.5" dummy outer barrel and is compatible with rail-mounted tactical accessories. The VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR’s accessories are set under USASOC military issue style and include steel CNC 4 prone flash hider, military issue length outer barrel, correctly installed dummy gas block, dedicated barrel nut, and ACH type charging handle. It also features a new patented Concealment Hop-Up Quick Adjusting Design and adopts steel material for outer moving parts and internal steel fire control parts for better action experience.

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