MGC/WA Colt 1911 MKIV Series 80 Disassembly


A vintage airsoft pistol is taken apart by Japanese-language YouTube Channel Tecchi's Junk... "I disassembled the MGC/WA MGC MK IV that I introduced last time. The inside is a Western Arms Magna Blowback and is quite realistic. Assembly will be next time."

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RWTV: Cybergun Colt M16A1 GBB


The VFC made Cybergun Colt M16A1 GBB Rifle gets the "Good Morning Vietnam" greeting in this review by the RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) crew... "The VFC Colt Airsoft M16A1 gas airsoft rifle is fully licensed by Colt and Cybergun, adding to their collection of historical AR15 platform gas airsoft rifles. Externally, this airsoft rifle has all the airsoft M16A1 style furniture and features.

VFC Colt XM16E1 GBB Gets Released Today


If you are a fan of historical AR15 platform gas blowback airsoft rifles, you might be interested in the VFC Colt XM16E1 gas blowback rifle. This is a full-size, 20-inch barreled M16 style rifle that is fully licensed by both Colt and Cybergun. It is based on the experimental rifle that was the precursor to the M16A1, which was much more popular than the first M16 among Vietnam War veterans. It has all the correct and authentic markings and features of the original rifle.

Tanaka Colt SAA Pegasus 2 Revolver Review


Jaime Tripon put an English language review of the Tanaka Colt SAA Pegasus 2 airsoft revolver. This is said to be the most authentic and reliable airsoft revolver on the market. It features a completely redesigned cylinder and base pin, a redesigned hammer, upgraded internal parts, and a total of 25 BB rounds included.

Tokyo Marui Colt MK12 MWS GBBR "Lone Survivor" Custom


This Tokyo Marui Colt MK12 MWS GBBR "Lone Survivor" Custom is a more recent work by NextGen Retros. This custom gas blowback project includes a Nova M16A1 Lower, Tokyo Marui M4 Upper and internals, G&P M16A2 MWS Stock, M16A1 Grip from Brownells, MWC Frontset, Harris Style Bipod, and an M3 Style Scope.

Task Force Vlogs Unboxes The Cybergun COLT M4A1 CQBR AEG


An unboxing and review of the affordable Cybergun COLT M4A1 CQBR AEG by Task Force Vlogs. The Cybergun Colt M4A1 CQBR can be a great choice for new airsoft players who want an M4 AEG an affordable. The CQBR stands for Close Quarters Battle Rifle, making it ideal for indoor and tight-space games. It is made primarily from high-density polymer, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Classic Airsoft On The CYMA Colt XM177E2 AEG


Classic Airsoft reviews the CYMA Colt XM177E2 AEG which comes equipped with a MOSFET. The AEG features a full metal version 2 gearbox with a MOSFET trigger and quick-change spring. The integrated carry handle has an A1 style rear sight adjustment, and the functioning bolt catch holds the dummy bolt open for easy hop-up adjustment. The buffer tube is an XM177 style with 2 positions, and the flash hider is styled like a moderator. This is wired to the handguard, which can accommodate a battery.

EMG Colt Licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2 & MK18 AEGs


King Arms sent in news that they have restock of the EMG Colt Licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2 & MK18 AEGs... "Whether it is M4A1 or MK18, the styles of these two classic US military weapons have been deeply engraved in the hearts of every player.

The success of Colt needs no further narrative. The Colt M4 and M16 has risen to be one of the most popular and trusted combat rifles around the world.

With Daniel Defense RIS II handguard, the performance of these weapons is beyond words.

BB2K Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Colt SAA .45 Artillery Revolver


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft goes over the features of the Tokyo Marui Colt SAA .45 Artillery, one of the more recent revolver releases by the Japanese airsoft company... "Today I present you the Tokyo Marui Colt SAA .45 Artillery Revolver (Single Action Army).  This revolver is a spring pressure airsoft which is free from 14 years. In function and operation all "cowboys" will be thrilled. The SAA is loaded with dummy .45 Long Colt cartridges, each containing one 6mm BB.

VFC/Cybergun Colt URG-I GBB Rifle At Redmantoys


An overview video by Redmantoys Airsoft in the Philippines about the Cybergun Colt URG-I GBB made by VFC. The VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR is built under USASOC “upper receiver group-improved” military issue setting, making its appearance more realistic and qualified. It uses MK 16 type 9.3" / 13.5" M-LOK Rails with USASOC military issue 10.3"/14.5" dummy outer barrel and is compatible with rail-mounted tactical accessories.

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