Airsix TV: VFC M110K1 GBBR


South Korean channel Airsix TV give their take on the  VFC M110K1 gas blowback rifle. This has an ambidextrous selector and features the /URX3.1 13.5" handguard with realistic Bolt operation. This is fully licensed from Knights Armament... "This video is VFC M110K1.
I went to the shoot without expecting much, but the result was unexpected."

VFC M3 Gustaf Load & How Far Will It Go?


Regiment Airsoft tries the VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS also known as the Carl Gustaf M3 to find out how far a projectile loaded into it can go when launched... "A quick speed run on how to load, unload the Airsoft M3 Carl Gustaf by VFC. Also an outdoor range practice to test distance and operation."

Maple Leaf Short Bolt For VFC MK18 GBBR Test


Korean YouTube channel, Ahjae TV, gets to test the Maple Leaf Short Bolt for the VFC MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle. Also known as the "Hummingbird", this is a drop-in replacement for the stock bolt assembly and will increase the ROF to around 18 rounds per second depending on gas pressure and BB weight. This also allows the conversion of the AR to non-stock or folding-stock and maintain bolt locking function.

Mach Sakai Reviews The VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS


The VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS has reached the shores of the Land of the Rising Sun and Mach Sakai is there to receive and go through the paces of checking out the product. This is a launcher that uses 40mm gas shells rather than actual pyros such as those from TAGinn and you might be curious if he will subject to a quick steel challenge.

Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW


USAirsoft checks out two AEGs, the Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW with Ryan of Laylax International... "We filmed A LOT of stuff while we were in Japan for the 5th Krytac Owner's Meeting and that includes a few short build videos and here's the first one from the Laylax HQ in Osaka!

For this showcase, we have a beautiful VFC Sig MCX and an always reliable Krytac PDW fully decked out with Laylax goodies.



4UAD Smart Airsoft goes for the stuff for an ASMR unboxing video and it is the new VFC US SOCOM M3 MAAWS (Carl Gustaf) recoilless rifle which for airsoft use is more of a launcher. This involves a quick test and demonstration on how to operate the contraption.

0'20 Magazine's VFC LAR "Light Automatic Rifle" GBB Review


Also included in Issue No. 45 of 0'20 Magazine is their review of the VFC LAR "Light Automatic Rifle" Gas Blowback Rifle... "Realism is not only limited to the outdoors. The operation of this LAR (Light Automatic Rifle) GBBR is similar to the real one, while its powerful recoil and the many quality details that VFC has included when producing it will allow us to have an authentic experience.

Airsoftology Talks About The M249 GBB From VFC


One of the stars of the show during the Taiwan MOA Exhibition 2022 was the VFC M249 Gas Blowback Rifle. If VFC gets to mass produce this soon for the airsoft market, it will officially be the first M249 GBB LMG, unless A&K decides to change its mind and finally releases its own version which it first revealed years ago. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology tells more about this from the VFC booth during the trade event.

Uncle Fury's VFC Airsoft KAC M110K1 SASS GBBR Review


A quick basic test by Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu of the VFC Airsoft KAC M110K1 SASS GBBR in a visually appealing way. Done at Tac Zone in Hong Kong, the test is comprised of recoil, trigger feeling, bolt lock, 35m range shooting test, and Power test. Check the video out to find the test results.

Gaosen Kinetics On The VFC M3 MAAWS


Gaosen Kinetics gets to be one of the first to give his take on the VFC M4 MAAWS/Carl Gustaf... "I had the luck to take an early look at the VegaForceCompany (VFC) M3 MAAWS, aka the Carl Gustaf, airsoft rocket launcher replica (technically a recoilless rifle, but I don't want to need to explain what that is, so just ROLL WITH IT okay?).

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