Mach Sakai's VFC MP5A5 GBB SMG Review


If you prefer an MP5 GBB rather than an AEG or an NGRS, you can check the offerings from VFC. They are producing a licensed MP5A5 gas blowback SMG and this should be available at reputable sellers worldwide via Umarex. In this video review by Mach Sakai, he goes over the details such as Realistic Cocking Handle Assembly, Ambidextrous Trigger Group, 3-round burst, and a quick shoot at his range to see how it performs.

How Many Steel Parts In VFC’s LAR GBBR?


Uncle Fury does some quick look at the recently released VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle which has fans of the FAL and SLR in the airsoft community happy. In this video he puts a magnet on certain areas of the LAR GBBR to find out how much metal parts are put into this airsoft gun.

RWTV's VFC LAR GBB Rifle Review


The new VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle is available now at RedWolf Airsoft and here is what RWTV says about it in this episode... "When it comes to underrepresented Cold War icons, the airsoft FN FAL stands above all as it has always been strangely absent from airsoft despite being such an essential rifle throughout the 20th Century.

Hyperdouraku's VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle Review


Hyperdouraku got first dibs in reviewing the VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle when it arrived in Japan... "308 caliber battle rifle developed by Belgian FN company, LAR. This rifle, which is also called FAL in French reading, has been modeled up by Taiwanese VFC with gas blowback. Video review including 20m shooting."

Jeff The Kid With The VFC MP5K PDW GBB


Jeff The Kid checks out the VFC MP5K PDW GBB if it's a good primary for in close quarters airsoft battles... "After unpacking my friend's MP5A5 last time, what we are going to introduce today is the MP5K PDW that I want to own for a long time, so why wait until now to start? In fact, the reason is very simple, so I didn't buy the last batch... I just waited for VFC to return the goods again for a long time.

BB2K Airsoft: VFC/Umarex HK MP5A3 GBB V2


BB2K Airsoft gets his hands on the version 2 of the Umarex HK MP5A3 Gas Blowback SMG made by VFC to check it is gives an improved airsoft shooting experience... "The MP5 is a legendary weapon system developed by Heckler & Koch and is THE standard for pistol-caliber submachine guns in the modern era.

There are several variants that are optimized for the respective situation. From the silenced MP5SD to the compact MP5K there is a lot. Today we look at the Gas Blowback Airsoft

VFC Glock 18 GBB Pistol At Full Auto


How fun will it be to let the VFC Glock 18 Gas Blowback Pistol to let it rip at full auto? Watch the Salty Old Gamer just do it to find out how it goes... "We're checking out the VFC Glock 18 gas blowback airsoft sidearm with the full auto fun switch."

Jeff The Kid: VFC LAR GBBR Trailer


Jeff the Kid posted the trailer video of the upcomimng VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle which will be released tomorrow, the 24th of August. A highly anticipated rifle for the FAL and L1A1 fans, this is the first gas blowback based on the iconic rifles produced after World War II and has seen much acion. If you want this and your airsoft retailer is taking preorders, better place your order so you'll be one of the first to lay hands on this GBBR.

Frog Engineering Custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR


Frog Engineering Airsoft does a quick overview of their custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR. As this is made to order, interested parties will have to contact them on their Facebook page to enquire... "Yet another built to order Frog Custom ready to leave the workshop. FE/VFC M27 HPA GBBR, set to 1.9J on 0,36g BBs as a assault rifle for polish muzzle energy limits. Runs on Redline Mini SFR at 120 psi and FE custom Hi flow hose. Paintjob by Frog Engineering Custom division."

BCM MCMR VFC 11.5" M4 AEG Rifle At Airsoft Atlanta


The BCM MCMR VFC 11.5" M4 AEG stock is getting low at Airsoft Atlanta, if you've been eyeing this AEG better get it before stocks run out... "The BCM VFC 11.5" M-Lok M4 AEG is a fully licensed BCM airsoft M4 rifle gun from Avalon / Elite Force with newly upgraded internal parts. Being a licensed VFC gun, it's one of the best with its full metal, upgraded small mosfet unit and new Avalon ECS gearbox.

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