Jeff The Kid Turns Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Into MK16 URG-I


Watch this video from from Jeff the Kid as he talks about his conversion project... "Since the I've been filming, there have been private messages from viewers. I said Jeff, you should have a TM MWS. In fact, I have always wanted to play with the MWS system gun, but for various reasons, I have not started it until the day of MOA. I bought the first of my life at IDCF. The MWS But since too many people have unpacked this gun, this time I decided to share what I have modified.

Guns Modify Complete Kit URG-I For MWS


Artisan Industries does a quick test of the Complete Kit URG-I for the Tokyo Marui MWS GBB Rifle from Guns Modify... "Hello! This is Artisan Industries. It is a domestic [GM] MWS Complete Kit that is about to be released soon. This is [GM] MWS Complete Kit, which will be released in Korea soon. It's a new product designed and developed by Gunsmodify for a long time. We received prototype products from Gunsmodify.

More Info On TM URG-I 11.5" NGRS & SAA.45 Artillery


Tokyo Marui announced two upcoming products during the Marufes Online Part 6 and probably this is the last product announcement for 2021 by the Japanese airsoft company unless they have one more planned in November. You may have already ready a good deal of information about these products in our weekend feature but here are some more information that they sent us so here they are:



If you are looking for an airsoft URG-I rifle and prefer a gas blowback version rather than an AEG or an NGRS like what Tokyo Marui is offering, you can opt for the VFC URG-I 14.5" Gas Blowback Rifle. PPC Airsoft got one for a review, shooting test, and magazine test.

Tokyo Marui URG-I SOPMOD Block 3 Review With History


SAT & Gaming Airsoft reviews Tokyo Marui URG-I SOPMOD Block 3 NGRS with a bit of history... "Tokyo Marui offers us the new URG-I Sopmod Block 3, the latest jewel of the house. But as we all know the MARUI are not all gold that glitters, the costs are high for what they offer and the availability is scarce and often impossible. Is everything really like that, or not, and is it just a question of perspectives?

Tokyo Marui URG-I SOPMOD Block 3 NGRS Review


PO GBB goes for an AEG to review this time and it is the new Tokyo Marui URG-I SOPMOD Block 3 NGRS... "The review this time will be the Tokyo Marui next generation electric gun URG-I SOPMOD BLOCK3. This was provided to us by airsoft pro shop first for us to go over and take a look."

GHK URG-I 14.5 Inch GBB Rifle Gameplay Video


Aaron Airsoft takes the GHK URG-I 14.5 Inch Gas Blowback Rifle to a game to find out how it performs.  This GBB Rifle that got the Gieselle M-Lok Handguard comes with the much admired GHK gas blowback tech. This should be available right now at most reputable airsoft retailers near you so check with them if they got this in stock.

Joe Toys: GHK M4 URG-I MK16 SOPMOD Block 3 GBBR


Joe Toys presents the GHK M4 URG-I MK16 SOPMOD Block 3 Gas Blowback Rifle that has been made available in the market recently. Text is machine translated from Chinese so it's a bit confusing... "In recent years, GHK AIRSOFT has been very enterprising and has released two m4 gbbrs at once, namely M4 sopmod block 3 mk16 urg-i 14.5-inch and 10.3-inch versions. The original Colt authorizes the horse logo, Geissele mk16 urg-i Rail and cocking handle.

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