Tokyo Marui M16A1 GBB MWS Nova Kit


Nextgen Retros Tokyo Marui M16A1 GBB MWS Nova Kit

Nextgen Retros show the Nova Kit Tokyo Marui M16A1 GBB MWS for those wanting a retro gas blowback rifle that uses the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback System. We just hope that the Japanese airsoft company go retro and release these types for their MWS and even the NGRS. Here is the list used apart from the MWS as base gun:

  • Nova M16A1 Receiver
  • G&P Buffertube + Buffer Kit
  • Brownells Furniture
  • G&P M16A1 WA Steel Frontset with MWS Adapter
  • RS Vietnam Era Sling

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