RedWolf: KWA x Magpul PTS LM4 GBB


The KWA-Magpul PTS LM4 Gas Blowback, which is on the high-end pricing of KWA, is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft for US$499.00... "KWA always comes out with something worth while and the Magpul PTS LM4 definitely does not disappoint. I know it's another M4 on the market and how many can one make? But this a serious contender with all the other GBBR M4s out there.

It's a metal construction apart from the Magpul fore grip, pistol grip and butt stock which is made out of Polymer. Since most of it is metal, it's rather heavy but that only adds to the realism of it. The polymer keeps it sturdy and a little lighter than what you think being just over 3 Kilos. The Magpul fore grip does NOT come with any rail attachments so you will have to buy those separately. There is a rail on the upper receiver to mount a scope or any other optics you choose. This is not the most impressive factor though.

What does impress is its functionality. It has a fully functional charging handle and bolt release that sound like perfect metallic, musical piece and a fire selector that only moves to safety once the magazine has been put in, much like the real steel version.

Yes, it's just another M4, but an M4 that can seriously compete!"

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