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RedWolf Airsoft

G&P M249 Para HPA At RedWolf Airsoft

In stock at RedWolf Airsoft is something for those who prefer using airsoft support weapons powered by HPA, and it is a G&P M249 Para HPA which should be handy enough to use... "From G&P comes this new M249 Para. Made from a full-metal construction, it gives this gun a real heft that makes it feel exactly like the real-deal, even the included fake metal bullets, which cover up the connector wire from the mag to the receiver, look and feels real!

RWTV: RWA Fortis Night Rail

Learn more about the RWA Fortis Night Rails in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode... "Officially licensed by Fortis Manufacturing for Airsoft use only! When designing the Night Rail, Fortis wanted to design a handguard that was easy to install, but also to be able to mount with a full 360 degrees of contact. What they ended up with is a rail that not only looks amazing, but is still true to their lightweight brand.

RWTV: Avatar's New Four Skinz

Following the Orb Skinz, RedWolf Airsoft TV break the news that four more Skinz for the Avatar Airsoft Grenade have been released. The Skinz are important for the look of the grenade as well as determine its performance and is used with the Avatar CORE component... "Avatar Grenade have released a couple more Skinz and the team keep you up to date and inform you of all the updates!"

RWTV Showdown: Vector vs ARP9 vs EVO

This is an interesting comparison as the RedWolf Airsoft TV does an SMG showdown of some of the latest compact AEGs in the airsoft market... "It is time the biggest AEG SMG showdown to occur. Our contestants are the Krytac Kriss Vector, the G&G ARP9 and the ASG Scorpion Evo. Who will come out on top?"

RWTV: The NPO-AEG AK-12 AEG...(Again)

The NPO-AEG AK-12 AEG gets compared to the real deal one in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode. It is a faithful replica? Watch the video below... "This week Marck takes a look at the ACTUAL AK-12 which is to be issued to the Russian military as their standard issue weapon, does it hold up to the last AK-12?"

RWTV: APS Ghost Patrol AEG

RedWolf Airsoft TV gets the first dibs in reviewing the latest AEG from APS, the APS ASR122 Ghost Patrol AEG. Find out what Marck West thinks about this AEG that takes its inspiration from the Call of Duty Ghosts... "This week Marck takes a look the CoD Ghosts inspired rifle, will it be good or is it just another M4 AEG with a face lift?"

RWTV: WE's New But Old AK74 GBBR

RWTV shows the new AK74 Gas Blowback Rifle from WE Airsoft now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "W.E. may be late to the game when it comes to releasing their brand new AK74 GBBR but is it too late for them? Will they be able to keep up with the current AKs or have they pulled ahead of the race?"

You can find this GBB rifle here.

RedWolf Blog On The AI 40 Mike

Latest RedWolf Airsoft Blog touches on the new Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike 40mm Gas Shell... " We should be no strangers to A.I. and their craziness when it comes to producing airsoft grenades. They were they ones who really pushed hard to make the grenade a more mainstream product.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui M14 Family

One of the AEGs in the Tokyo Marui lineup that we want updated is the M14, though it looks like developing a recoil and blowback M14 AEG is going to be tough. Marck West checks out the Marui M14 line, a good line of AEGs that can outrange other AEGs in this Blast From The Past episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "This week Marck looks at the TM M14 family, how do they stack up to the new kids on the block?"

RWTV: Ares Airsoft M110 AEG

Find out if the Ares Airsoft M110 DMR AEG is the best airsoft DMR in the market in this review by Marck West for RedWolf Airsoft TV... "ARES are always trying to improve on their products and their version if the SR-25 is definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked. It comes with a MOSFET system so it shot is very concise and clean, a Full quad rail system for all your accessories, a slot in the stock tube to fit your battery and it comes with 7.62mm Type magazines.