RedWolf Airsoft: SIG Air ProForce MPX-K Sportline AEG


Is this the cheapest airsoft SMG in the market? RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) puts the SIG Air ProForce MPX-K Sportline AEG made by King Arms through its paces in this video review... "The SIG Sauer MPX-K is the smaller brother of the venerable SIG MPX, and just like its bigger brother has been taking the firearms market by storm.

RWTV: EMG Lancer Systems L15 Defense AEG


King Arms announced over the weekend the release of the licensed EMG Lancer Systems L15 Defense AEG and we now have RedWolf Airsoft TV giving their take on this carbon fibre AEG... "Since 2007, Lancer's primary focus has been designing superior, more reliable firearms and components for American warfighters, law enforcement officers, and discerning shooting sports enthusiasts.

RWA B.A.D. AEG In Action


Duke of RedWolf Airsoft UK was at the Enemy Down Airsoft where he brought the RWA B.A.D. AEG for some action... "Playing my first game in the UK at Enemy Down Airsoft. I was attending on behalf of my work (Redwolf Airsoft). First time playing at a proper large-scale woodland site and in the UK, so the experience was very different for me as I'm used to CQB. I was using the RWA B.A.D AEG rifle."

RWTV's VFC M249 GBB LMG Review


With the world's first airsoft M249 gas blowback LMG from VFC now out, what's the take of the RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) guys? Watch them go over the features and initial performance tests in this video review... "This is long overdue but VFC has answered and has done it again and given us another first in airsoft: The VFC M249 GBB.

RWTV's GBLS DAS M1911A1 GBB Review


According to RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV), the GBLS DAS M1911A1 GBB Pistol is the most realistic 1911 airsoft pistol. Watch the video to find out... "Few pistols get more famous than the 1911. Designed by none other than John Browning, the M1911 was the US army’s first magazine fed semi automatic handgun and was designed to fire the new .45 ACP cartridge featuring excellent stopping power.

SIG Air ProForce P320 Series GBB Pistols Featuring XCarry


In Gambit's Guide for RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV), Gambit talks about the SIG Air Proforce P320 Series GBB Pistols with the XCarry also featured... "In this episode of RWTV's Gambit's Guide, Gambit is going to show you the similarities and differences between all three of SIG AIR's P320s, these would be the SIG AIR Proforce P320 M17, M18 as well as the XCarry, This episode will also feature a disassembly and maintenance guide for the SIG AIR Proforce P320 series of gas airsoft pistols.

RWTV: Archwick B&T SPR 300 Pro


One of the more recent reviews by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) which they find the Archwick B&T SPR 300 Pro airsoft sniper rifle to be a real silent rifle to bring to the field... "Introducing the fully licensed ARCHWICK B&T SPR 300 Pro bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, which boasts the assurance of quality and authenticity that comes with its partnership with Brugger & Thometl.

New RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set


Available by today at RedWolf Airsoft is the latest in the RWA and Agency Arms collaboration, the RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set... "Introducing the RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set, the ultimate upgrade for your SIG AIR Proforce P320 series gas blowback pistols. Engineered to elevate your shooting experience, this slide set combines precision craftsmanship with striking aesthetics to deliver unparalleled performance.

Umarex G36C - The Best G36 GBBR Ever?


Let's hear out RedWolf Airsoft TV as they give their verdict on the Umarex G36C Gas Blowback Rifle in this video... "Jumping ahead 40 years in the H&K timeline, the Umarex G36C GBB by VFC is a beautifully designed rifle and offers the ultimate in both comfort and exceptional shooting performance.

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