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RWA Lee Enfield No. 4 On Pre-Order

We know you have been waiting for this and finally RedWolf Airsoft are taking pre-orders for the RWA Lee Enfield No. 4... "The long awaited RWA Lee Enfield No.4 is here in all its glory. True to form, the gun is crafted from real wood and is a proud representation of the rifle fielded by the British Army back in the days of WWII.


KSC M8000 Cougar F & M945 PC Compact

Another Blast from the Past Episode from RedWolf Airsoft TV. Marck West goes over two pistols from KSC to refreshen our memories on these --- the KSC M8000 Cougar F and M945 Performance Center Compact... "This week Marck takes a look at a pair of pistols from KSC that's over 10 years old!"

Cybergun WE Desert Eagle GBB Pistol

The Cybergun WE Desert Eagle .50AE Gas Blowback Pistol is at RedWolf Airsoft. If you want this hand cannon, prepare to shell out US$136.99... "The WE Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns on the airsoft market today. Manufactured by IMI since 1984 in real steel format, the Desert Eagle was actually designed by American firm Magnum Research in Mineapolis, USA.

RWTV: PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

It's Gambit's turn this time to do a feature presentation for this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV covering the PIG FDT Gloves available at their online store... "The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Glove offers the most superior high-dexterity fit from all the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical line-up. It is filled with features such as a full touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb, elastic wrist for quick don and doff sequence, bar-tacked paracord pull loop and many more!"


Tim gets to have a close look of the finally released Umarex MP40 GBB SMG in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode. For reenactors and collectors, a gas blowback SMG is something to look forward to, whereas before the MP40 AEG from SRC which has a blowback feature and AGM which has an affordable version, are the ones available in the airsoft market.

RWTV: Shooter Are You Ready?

RedWolf Airsoft TV give us a report on the recently concluded Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2017... "This year, the 5th year where RedWolf UK and Clarence Lai, AKA Airsoft Surgeon, have hosted the event, the UKPSA have deemed the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship of 2017, a 'UKPSA Supported Level 1 Match' which is an enormous step up. So how did everyone do?"

OPSMEN Fast 401 At RedWolf Airsoft

At Redwolf Airsoft is the OPSMEN Fast 401 Weaponlight that has 800 lumens of brightness and can be mounted to any weapon that has a rail system... "FAST 401 Ultra-high-output Led Weaponlight is an auxiliary versatile weapon light for compact weapons and full-size hand guns, designed to maximize visibility and long-range targeting capability in a variety of tactical applications: Military, tactical, law enforcement and home defense users can benefit from its targeted bright light.

RWTV: Which VFC DMR Is Best?

We have not tried any of these GBBRs made by VFC so we determine which is better. But RedWolf Airsoft TV beat us to is here are Tim & Marck doing an episode comparing Umarex G28 and the MK12 Gas Blowbacl Rifles... "VFC have released to powerhouse DMRs recently and the presenters thought it was a great idea to pit them up against each other. But which one will come out on top?"

RedWolf Airsoft Summer Bonanza Sale 2017

Now the airsoft summer season is over and with that RedWolf Airsoft are having a Summer Bonanza Sale. Grab what you can get at a discount with airsoft guns at 10% off whilst weapons accessories are 12% off... "Just to let you guys know. We are actually having a Summer Bonanza Sale now! Only available till Oct 9th. Act now!"

RWTV: The Kingsman Weapon Of Choice

A closer look at the Kingsman Pistol Shotgun by Agent Tim for this RWTV episoder. This pistol, based on the gun prop in the movie is based on the WE Airsoft TT-33 Gas Blowback Pistol with Zero Trigger for the Shotgun Trigger. This is made by Showguns and is available right now at RedWolf Airsoft.