See You At The Airsoft Meetup!

The Airsoft Industry & Media meet up once again at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. See you there!

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RedWolf Airsoft

RWTV: Budget Airsoft Sniper Shootout

Marck West pits the Ares Amoeba Striker S1 against the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifles in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode... "You asked for it, we delivered!  Marck does a sniper rifle comparison video pitting some of the best budget sniper rifles against each other.  Who will come out on top?"

RedWolf Players Choice Appreciation Sale

RedWolf Airsoft are celebrating another win to start the year right and they are celebrating it with their fans with their Players Choice Appreciation Sale... "Players Choice Appreciation Sale to thank everyone for voting us as the Best Retailer From Asia for the 8th year in a row, and the Best Video Of Year 2017!

Promotion starts now till March 3rd, 2018. All airsoft guns will be 15% OFF; and all accessories will be 12% OFF!

RWTV SHOT Show 2018: Everything G&G

It looks like G&G Armament put everything they have on display at the Top Tech booth during the SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas. The RedWolf Airsoft TV crew visit the booth to show what were on display... "G&G showcased their LMG, Gloves and GBB Pistol for Shot Show 2018 and we're here to cover them all."

RWTV: Bear Paw Production SVU GBBR

We get to see the upcoming Bear Paw Production SVU Gas Blowback Rifle as Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) has one on his hands in this Facebook video... "Bear Paw Production's new product just arrived RWHQ. This is the SVU GBBR. This will make its way to IWA 2018 at the RWA Booth as well!"

ZShot Crye Precision Gear At RedWolf Airsoft

Fully licensed Crye Precision Gear for the airsoft market from ZShot are now available at RedWolf Airsoft. They are a bit more affordable than getting the actual Crye Precision gear and would also help you buy with a clearer conscience rather than getting unlicensed replicas from other vendors... "Crye Precision gear in stock, more accessories available soon ! Order yours today."

RWTV: PTS EBB & GBB Rifles SHOT 2018

PTS Syndicate got a bunch of goodies for airsoft players to look into, especially their electric blowback and gas blowback airsoft rifles that are fully licensed from certain firearms companies. RedWolf Airsoft TV checks them out, including the accessories and upgrades they have... "As well as an abundance of rails and other accessories, PTS spoil us with their EBBR and GBBR!"

RedWolf: Stocks, Grips & AEG Weekend Sale

Up to 50% off on Stocks and Grips and 15% off your AEG purchases are RedWolf Airsoft! Better find time this weekend as these offers are only good until Sunday... " RedWolf Airsoft is now having not 1, but 2 promotions! We have the Get a Grip Sale where grips & stocks go up to 50% OFF! The other sale is our AEG Weekend Sale where selected AEGs will be 15% OFF!

Promotion starts now till February 11th, 2018.

More On The GHK 553 GBB Rifle

Here is a longer preview of the upcoming GHK 553 Gas Blowback Rifle as presented by Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft. Of course, you get to know the tigerstripe jacket that he's wearing too... "Want a better look at the one and ONLY GHK 553 GBBR? Our presenter Marck has you covered! Stay tuned to RWTV for a more in-depth sneak peek coming soon!" RWA Group At SHOT Show 2018 visit the RedWolf Airsoft booth at the SHOT Show 2018 where they find Max Lai, the card master, ready to present what they have in store for airsoft players... "Max from RWA Group (RedWolf Airsoft) gives a quick walkthrough in their booth at SHOT Show 2018 and show some of their new and upcoming products.

GHK 553 GBB Rifle Sneak Preview

Something for a good number of airsoft players to save up. Some airsoft players are looking forward to some SIG-style airsoft rifles to have their gas blowback versions. GHK will be delivering a 553 GBB and Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft is happy to give you a sneak preview of it on Facebook... "Is this what you wanted?"