Nonocat: Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets


Nonocat: Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets

In part 2 of her review of E-Shooter products, Nonocat tries the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets... "The Sentry 2 BT Targets are Electronic Targets that link and connect to your phone via Bluetooth! With the 3 different game modes, that can be easily set on the App, the Sentry 2 BT is a breeze to setup and incredibly fun to shoot at.

With 'Training Mode' you can run some pretty extensive courses to really hone your response and shooting skills. If you have a buddy or two, you can run "Battle Mode" and challenge your friends! Lastly, if you just want something to shoot at, 'Unstoppable mode' will keep coming back at you!

In this video, we try these in different modes and setup and tortured the Sentry target again!

E-Shooter is in the house and definitely here to impress!"

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