Nonocat: Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets


In part 2 of her review of E-Shooter products, Nonocat tries the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets... "The Sentry 2 BT Targets are Electronic Targets that link and connect to your phone via Bluetooth! With the 3 different game modes, that can be easily set on the App, the Sentry 2 BT is a breeze to setup and incredibly fun to shoot at.

Eshooter Sentry 2 BT Targets Review


L'Antre Du Dingo reviews the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Target which has Bluetooth and app integration. You can connect to the Eshooter app for shooting games, performance tracking, and target customization. You can also take training to the next level with interactive challenges and competitions. The same durability as Sentry 2, withstands 10,000+ airsoft shots and auto-resets.

Mana Tries The E-Shooter Sentry Targets


Mana of 18-Base got both the Sentry 1 Pro and Sentry 2 Targets to try if is something she can improve her skills with... "With the Eshooter Sentry Dry Fire Laser Training System, you can practice shooting safely and accurately. You just need to attach a laser sight to your firearm and aim at a laser training target. The laser sight will show a red dot where your bullet would hit.

Training With Airsoft & Making Airsoft Targets


Another video from Tactical Hyve for real steel shooters about training with airsoft as well as how to make airsoft targets... "Retired Navy SEAL Toshiro 'Tosh' Carrington talks about the training value you can get from using airsoft. He also teaches you how to make your own airsoft targets."

Airsoft Sniper Practice With Attack Sense Targets


Georaga Airsoft demonstrates how to do some precision shooting practice using targets from Attack Sense... "Ever wondered how to improve your sniper skills without having somebody to aim for?

Well I recommend getting some Attack Sense targets and trying out the Approach game mode with your airsoft sniper rifle for a quick and super effective sniper practice!

Attack Sense Targets For Airsoft


Georaga Airsoft presents the Attack Sense Targets to find out if these are the best electric airsoft targets in the market... "Think your sniper is shooting at 100m?! BAM! Now you can literally see from a distance with a flashing LED.

Want to play some CQB without anyone else? BAM! Set these up and run your own courses through the app.

Want to go head to head with your mates? MULTIPLAYER MODES!

The team at Attack Sense came to Dragon's Lair to show me their new target system and BY GOD! I genuinely love it.

APS Coke Can-Style Reuseable Targets


Running of Coke cans to use a targets whilst doing backyard plinking or for target practice? Here is APS to the rescue as they announce the APS Coke Can-Style Reusable Targets with five targets to choose from and in bright red colour for easier spotting. Too bad you cannot them use for a "poor man's chrono".

TacTrainer Targets Now At Airsoft Extreme


Airsoft Extreme posted news about the TacTrainer products that they are now selling at their online and brick and mortar stores. Tactrainer products are targets made for real steel and airsoft practical shooting and for general target shooting to develop shooting skills... "Test your accuracy with all of our TacTrainer products! We have many styles in stock including the Star Hanger with 8 Targets and B.A.P. 3 Plate Rack with Reset.

Airsoft Odyssey: "The Joy of Plinking!"


Yosser wants to talk about practice shooting and backyard plinking which of course will entail targets to shoot at or else it wouldn't be fun, isn't it?... "As airsofters we have all had the odd ‘plink’ at a tin can or two in the back garden. Whether that’s to ‘scope’ in a new AEG or GBB pistol/rifle or making on-going tweaks and adjustments to hop or its general setup ‘plinking’ brings its own joys from time to time.

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