Mana Tries The E-Shooter Sentry Targets


Mana Tries The E-Shooter Sentry Targets

Mana of 18-Base got both the Sentry 1 Pro and Sentry 2 Targets to try if is something she can improve her skills with... "With the Eshooter Sentry Dry Fire Laser Training System, you can practice shooting safely and accurately. You just need to attach a laser sight to your firearm and aim at a laser training target. The laser sight will show a red dot where your bullet would hit. The system also comes with software that can monitor and analyze your shooting skills, giving you feedback and helping you improve.

You can train anywhere with the Eshooter Sentry 2 airsoft target. It can handle over 10K airsoft shots and has RGB lights and USB-C charging. It works with any BB caliber or firearm and is easy to carry and set up with its small and light design."

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