Nonocat 1 Minute Review: Armorer Works Deadpool 1911


Nonocat presents the Armorer Works/AW Custom Deadpool 1911 GBB Pistol that is of course, comes in Deadpool's red colour as well as showing the weather effect on the 1911 gas blowback pistol. It has the Deadpool markings as well. Better plan on getting the costume if you want to get one of these.

Nonocat: EMG STI TTI 2011 Combat Master


Another quick look at the EMG STI Taran Tactical 2011 Combat Master GBB Pistol which of course is more known as the John Wick Pistol. It is a fully licensed airsoft pistol and comes with a CNC machined aluminum slide that is detailed laser engraved markings of officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI trades. Nonocat does her John Wick impression for a minute review of this GBB pistol.

Nonocat's E&L AKM Platinum Gen 2 Review


Another quick review by Nonocat as she features the E&L AKM Platinum Gen 2 AEG. E&L AK AEGs are sought after for high quality build such as the durable steel parts as well as using real wood furniture. The Gen 2 AEGs come with a more durable gearbox and quick spring change release feature. This usually comes with a 1 x 120rnd Mid-Cap Magazine out of the box.

NonoCat Airsoft: ICS XFG GBB Pistol


The BLE XFG GBB Pistol from ICS Airsoft gets featured in this one minute video by Nonocat. Already available in the market, the BLE XFG is ambidextrous and has a double safety function. It has 3 luminous dots for the sighting system, changeable backstraps, as well as a 14mm CCW thread for attaching a mock suppressor or a tracer unit.

Nonocat: ICS-ASG Hera Arms CQR


Nonocat takes a quick look at the ICS-ASG Hera Arms CQR AEG in this video. Available for more than a year now, this is an officially licensed AEG and a collaborative project between ICS Airsoft of Taiwan and ASG of Denmark. It is based on the AR platform but designed to be ergonomic and compact, making it ideal for use in CQB games. Marui-compatible M4 AEG magazines can be used with it.

Nonocat 1 Minute: KWA Tavor GBB Rifle


Next up for New Zealand-bases airsofter Nonocat for her 1 minute review is the KWA Tavor Gas Blowback Rifle. This is fully licensed by Umarex, this is based on the IWI TAR21 Bullpup Rifle in used in the IDF. The gas magazine has a 36-round capacity and is faithfully repridced externally. Based on our experience, it delivers a good kick in terms of recoil which should satisfy the demanding airsoft players who demand recoil features in their gas rifles.

Nonocat: EMG Salient Arms 2011 DS 5.1


In this quick review by Nonocat Airsoft, she goes over the EMG Salient Arms 2011 DS 5.1 Hi-Capa GBB that is available now in New Zealand. This is based on the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback System and is fully licensed, with the markings seen on the gun. It is CNC machined from aluminium alloy, and has a Titanium nitride style SAI barrel as well as an on-frame integrated accessory rail.

Nonocat 1 Min. Review: ASG CZ Bren 805 A2


Nonocat does a quick 1 minute review of the ASG CZ Bren 805 A2. Based on the CZ 805 assault rifle and fully licensed from Czech manufacturer Česká Zbrojovka. This has a folding stock and quick spring change features. The battery is located in the stock and access to it requires no tools. It is fully ambidextrous, thus can be used by left handed shooters.

NonoCat: GHK SIG 553 Cerakoted GBBR


NonoCat, an airsofter based in New Zealand gives a one minute overview of the GHK SIG 553 Cerakoted Gas Blowback Rifle. It is a sought after GBBR and it is always out of stock at retailers everywhere, being snapped up quickly once it is in stock... "Nonocat Airsoft Minute Review - GHK Sig 553 Cerakoted GBBR. Comment and let us know which gun you would like to see next in our Minute Review!

Big thanks to @callsign_thunderspear for the video works and to @asgc_nz for supplying the gun and range facility!"

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