Nonocat: Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets


In part 2 of her review of E-Shooter products, Nonocat tries the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets... "The Sentry 2 BT Targets are Electronic Targets that link and connect to your phone via Bluetooth! With the 3 different game modes, that can be easily set on the App, the Sentry 2 BT is a breeze to setup and incredibly fun to shoot at.

Nonocat With The Archwick B&T Licensed APC9-K GBB


A good take by Nonocat on the Archwick B&T Licensed APC9-K Gas Blowback SMG which she took the opportunity when she was in Taiwan. She is also joined by Stewbacca of Airsoft Action... "Whilst we were in Taiwan, we were given an opportunity to check out the very first unit of the Archwick's APC9-K Gas Blowback that rolled out of their first batch of production.

Nonocat With The Acetech AceHive x Spawner


Nonocat gets her hands on the Acetech AceHive x Spawner system that 40mm launcher owners might want to own... "Acetech's brand new tracer is in town! ... and... wait... This isn't a tracer....
Wait... what?! This looks like a 40mm Airsoft Grenade which seems to load insanely easy and fast?!?!

This is the brand new AceHive x Spawner 40mm Grenade System and possibly the best non-pyro 40mm airsoft grenade in the market?"

Nonocat Visits Northeast Airsoft


Our favourite kiwi goes to Taiwan and one of her objectives is to visit Northeast Airsoft... "Nonocat just so happens to be in Taipei so we dropped into Northeast Airsoft to meet with Seb and Steph to see some cool northeast products! Here we checked out the UZI 50, Belgian FN UZI, MP2A1!"

Operation Armoured Fury II "The Shed" Teaser


Nonocat released a teaser video for players of the upcoming airsoft event in New Zealand, Operation Armoured Fury II, for them to have an idea of the event... "'The Shed' is a quick video demo and teaser for the upcoming breaching component and effects that players will take part in OPAFII!

This will be the most extreme and awesome airsoft event to ever happen in New Zealand!"

Nonocat's Acetech Predator X Red & Green Tracer Unit Overview


Nonocat gets her hands on the Acetech Predator X Red & Green Tracer Unit Overview to take it for a spin... "The Predator S, the Predator L and now, we have the Predator X! This new generation tracer unit can simultaneously support both Red and Green Glow in the Dark BBs at 35 Rounds per Second! Gone are the days with fiddling the mode switch button in the dark!

Lets check out an overview of the Tracer with some Gameplay and Footage!"

Nonocat With The Acetech Quark-R Bifrost Tracer Unit For Tokyo Marui M870


Nonocat gives her take on the Acetech Quark-R Bifrost Tracer Unit made for use on the Tokyo Marui M870 airsoft shotgun... "Since Acetech released the Quark-K for the Marui KSG, everyone have been asking for a M870 Bifrost... Well, all prayers have been answered graciously with a much solid and adaptable unit for one of the most used Airsoft shotguns!

Nonocat's Ultimate P90 AEG Setup


Watch Nonocat show what she calls her ultimate P90 AEG setup which is a configuration of various P90 parts and upgrades... "What started out as a cheap plastic fantastic Marui P90 AEG 7 years ago, slowly evolved into one of my favourite AEG over the years. Now... I'm not quite sure what it is anymore... Marui, Krytac, Perun... A MaKryRun, A PerMaTac, A KryPeRui? Is it the Ultimate P90 AEG Setup? Or is Nonocat just full of bullsh? Find out yourself in this Video!"

Nonocat: Acetech Genesis Compact G19 Bifrost Tracer


It looks like Nonocat got some good fun using the Acetech Genesis Compact Bifrost Tracer attached to the G19... "Ever feeling like your Airsoft Glock is looking a bit more dull and blocky by the day? Wanting to spice up your Glock life with exciting activities like rafting or Ping Pong? Introducing the Genesis Compact by Acetech!

It's a Tracer,
it's a Bifrost,
it's a Chrono,
it's a Light,
It's a Laser
and it's even a Patu!

Nonocat: EMG Strike Industries 2K-Alpha Prototype 2011 GBB Pistol


Nonocat gets to have her hands on the EMG Strike Industries 2K-Alpha Prototype 2011 GBB Pistol for a video review. Watch her giver her thoughts on this licensed product from Strike Industries... "IS IT ANOTHER HI-CAPA? YES but this one is extra cool, extra spicy and ready for combat!

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