Nonocat: Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets


In part 2 of her review of E-Shooter products, Nonocat tries the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Targets... "The Sentry 2 BT Targets are Electronic Targets that link and connect to your phone via Bluetooth! With the 3 different game modes, that can be easily set on the App, the Sentry 2 BT is a breeze to setup and incredibly fun to shoot at.

Eshooter Sentry 2 BT Targets Review


L'Antre Du Dingo reviews the Sentry 2 BT Wireless Target which has Bluetooth and app integration. You can connect to the Eshooter app for shooting games, performance tracking, and target customization. You can also take training to the next level with interactive challenges and competitions. The same durability as Sentry 2, withstands 10,000+ airsoft shots and auto-resets.

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