Heckler & Koch Releases Limited Edition MR27 To Pay Tribute To The Marine's M27 IAR


HK M27R Tribute Rifle

Renowned gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch is offering civilians a rare chance to own a piece of Marine Corps history with the limited-edition MR27 Tribute Rifle. This firearm is a civilian-legal variant of the M27 IAR, a weapon that has undergone rigorous testing and seen active service in demanding environments.

Drawing inspiration from the familiar MR556 rifle, the MR27 incorporates features from the United States Marine Corps' M27 IAR. Production is strictly limited to just 1,000 units, with reports suggesting that half will be sold as rifles only, while the other half will come bundled with a comprehensive deployment kit.

The base MR27 carries a suggested retail price of US$4,399. For those seeking the full experience, the deployment kit raises the price tag to US$9,499. This kit includes a hard case, a genuine ACOG sight with an RMR red dot, a Harris bipod, and rail covers.

The M27's journey began in 2010 when the US Marines adopted it as their new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). Named in honor of the 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment, the M27 IAR played a crucial role in testing the weapon and the IAR concept for over a decade.

Earning the title of "the most tested weapon in the history of the Marine Corps," the M27 IAR has consistently proven its reliability and effectiveness. From the training grounds of Twentynine Palms to the battlefields of the Global War on Terror, the M27 has served with distinction.

The M27's versatility extends beyond its initial IAR role. Today, it serves as an IAR, a precision rifle, a general infantry rifle, and even as part of the Reconnaissance Weapons Kit (RWK) with its short-barrelled upper receiver configuration.

HK M27R Tribute Rifle 02

The MR27 should now be at retailers, so interested buyers should keep an eye out. While the manufacturer doesn't directly list prices, potential buyers can inquire about the MR27 through Heckler & Koch's official channels.

This limited-edition rifle can finally allow civilians the M27 IAR, although it is limited by regulations for firearms ownership in the U.S. Airsoft players won't need to wait for one for the airsoft market as there is already an airsoft version made by VFC for some years now.

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